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Redeemed Thought - Flag on the Play
(from the album Truth, Beauty, Goodness)
© copyright 2005

Stephen the Levite:
Flag on the play is the track about to hit you/ football is the parable, heresyís the issue/ Saintís and the Ravenís team captians in the middle/ the games about to get started, prepare to blow you whistle.

Verse 1: Stephen the Levite
Flip the coin, Sundayís here; itís time to get it on/
Iím sent to kick the thing the other team has been sitting on/
I got my gear and my fresh paraclete on/
Practicing and scrimmaging with cats all week long/
Studying the play book/
Daily I memorize and meditate until I canít shake it like a lame hook/
Coach got me consuming milk meat and manna/
Multiplying my muscles in size and stamina/
Feeling like a nine foot Philistine filled with the Spirit/
Put me on the field let them bring it/
Me and my squad rush the yard with holy confidence/
Intimidating folks like some knowledgeable apologist/
At the kick off return we got the muze/
Receiving the seeds of heresy that leave dudes confused/
Putting them in context with weave like hair added to a new do/
Simplifying the complex like a rubix cube/
Heís running through, juking these birds with smooth moves/
Weíre getting booed by a pack of JWs/
Then two dudes step to the bench to recruit fools/
With crude views perverting the good news we said...

Flag on the play blow the heresy whistle/
Charles Taze Hustlers at the bench, blow the whistle/
your doctrine contrary to your own twisted Epistle/
we wonít stand to be bamboozled, blow the whistle.

Verse 2: Stephen the Levite
We got the touch down anyway/
Yaíll can put a six on the scare board for now/
But just wait cause I got word from the bench thatíll make you nervous son/
Your dudes have been recruited; give us two for the conversion/
We kick it off and itís received by a Mormon/
Who grabbed a mountain bike and tried to ride the ball in/
So I ran right in front of them grabbed them by the handle bars/
And asked them, ďwho came first, God or man?Ē/
He fumbled it desperately he tried to recover it/
Like passed due prophesies spoken by Joseph Smith/
We know itís hopeless but heís yelling ďI wonít quitĒ/
I told him ďgive it up the puzzle pieces donít fitĒ/
In my peripheral vision I see Forevidence/
Who blasts through flash like a flash of florescence/
Snatching up the ball and ran yards no contesting/
Some cats stayed back to try and answer manís questions/
Minutes later he prayed the prayer of confession/
Then two Latter Day Saints tried to step to him/
Messing wit them in attempt to get him second-guessing/
But no stressing, the Ex-LDS said to them...

Flag on the play blow the heresy whistle/
Counterfeit scripts of Joseph Smith blow your whistle/
Your books put bullets in apologetic pistles/
I wonít stand to be bamboozled, blow you whistle//

Verse 3: Stephen the Levite
Seven more points for the redeemed of the Lord/
You can put a fifteen on the board/
Plus, Iím fifteen bars far from the chorus/
And thatís the last one so Iíma have to fast forward this/
The game is close to an ending/
With precision, we cursed the arguments of all false religions/
I thought we put the other team out of commission/
But then the opposition was risen within the Christians/
About half of them had pinky rings on/
Even in their uniforms flashing the platinum/
These we the cats who were asking for money in the bathroom/
Saying, ďpastor needs a new mansionĒ/
In fact they told me if I didnít have cash I need to check how Iím living/
Cause Iím probably not a Christian/
And if Iím sick and my body needs healing I can get a prayer cloth Ďcause itís two for one weekend/
Well itís the last play and they got the ball/
Then QB lined them up and laid hands on them all/
Then one by one they all fall/
Some ďdrunk in the spiritĒ one ran into the field goal pole, we said...

Flag on the play blow the heresy whistle/
TBN channel flipping folks blow your whistle/
Itís a shame, we gotta do this to our own people/
But we too can be bamboozled, blow the whistle.

Saints win, game over shot from the pistol/
All of my bereans be ready to blow your whistle.