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Redeemed Thought - Dove Soap
(from the album Truth, Beauty, Goodness)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: Stephen the Levite
(Hello) Yo whatís up dude/
I know itís been a minute long time no talk to/
You must be busy with work church and school/
How are things going between you and your boo/
Oh you must not know I guess nobody told you/
Sheís been pregnant for about a month or two/
I feel terrible, but I know what I gotta do/
Iíve been praying to God to give me the strength to/
Put sin aside and be an example/
Man itís gotta be hard yo Iíve been there too/
But back then I was unsaved and confused/
Trapped in a dream I didnít think it was true/
Wrestling with thoughts of having to quit school/
Sixteen years old no job and no clue/
Kept in on the low though only her moms knew/
Even to this day thereís still a select few/
Took the easy way out thought it would be cool/
Let her take pills and forget the issue/
A little while later the baby was removed/
An innocent victim of irresponsible fools/
Didnít learn either the sin continued/
Now thoughts of lust haunt my mental/
A thorn in the flesh like Paul the apostle/
But God let it happen to prove the Gospel/
Yeah you messed up but you knew who to turn to/
Never stop praying and reading your word dude/
Remember you repented the Lord forgave you/
Thereís no condemnation Romans 8:1-2/
All men are sinners but Godís merciful/
Bringing up a childís hard but wonderful/
Let your consequences keep you humble/
Learn from the Lord when ever you stumble/
And if you need help you know that Iím there for you/
What ever you need whether itís prayer for you/
And your fam or just food/
Youíre still a brother in Christ and I love you and God does too.

Verse 2: muzeONE
Yo, what up kid itís been a minute since the last letter I sent/
I think about you often, wondering how youíve been/
Keeping you in prayer everytime my knees bend/
Ever since I left I heard youíve been struggling/
Creeping on your wife, leaving on the weekends/
It obvious to all that youíve been cheating/
So, whatís the deal with the night in jail that you spent/
For physically hurting the one you should be cleaving/
Everyone at church is wondering where you went/
You were walking a straight path but suddenly it bent/
Iím not chewing you out, yo thatís not my intent/
For real kid, you of all should know the time I spent/
I had anger worse than 10 raging men/
You knew how often I was cheating on my girlfriend/
You knew every club fight Iíve ever been in/
We were tighter than an MCís pad and pen/
One heart from the start, call it friends till the end/
But that seemed to change when I got born again/
I came to the cross and put my life to an end/
Repented for my sins new life then begins/
In the eyes of Christ Iím forgiven and cleansed/
God restored what the locust had eaten/
No longer focus on seeking after ends/
Donít harden your heart, bro please just listen/
It seems you have a twisted definition of ďrepentĒ/
A simple apologyís not what God meant/
We all fall short no matter how big the sin/
But if you got the heart to never do it again/
Heís faithful and just to renew and to cleanse/
Please, dog youíve seen the light, now step in/
Your whole life youíve been afraid of commitment/
But God doesnít leave or forsake his children/
True faith is not an emotional feeling/
Sip the living water and be refreshened/
Trust in Him, let Him start rebuilding, please dog repent.

Sometimes life is like a Soap Opera/
Thereís no breaks though the time wonít stop bruh/
But if you repent and youíre sick of the drama/
The Holy Ghost got soap for you to wash up/
At the cross where the Lamb of Godís blood flows/
Forgiveness waits no matter what youíve done bro/
You can trust in the Lord His loveís dope/
First John 1: 9 the Christian bar of Dove Soap.