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Timothy Brindle - The Sinfulness of Sin
(from the album Killing Sin)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Sin is lawlessness, an awful mess of haughtiness/
Sin is not being in awe of His ---Glory/
But degrading it and trading it for naughtiness/
Itís treating God as piss/
Itís disregarding that He exists as Sovereign/
Itís more sickening than kissing harlots lips/
Whose breath stinks worse than garbage mixed/
With the rawest fish after she gargles spit/
Sinís an awful virus that wants your iris/
Clogs your sinus, gives you thoughts of violence/
Woe to those who think itís not inside us/
Your heart despises the awesome Highness/
Gross scum, sin is so loathsome/
And itís shown most by the propitiation of His own Son/
Who so hung and choke both lungs/
Itís odor to Jehovah its worse than smoked dung/
I pray this makes you vomit your whole inners/
To display how abominable sin is/
To the honorable God whoís my witness/
If we take sin lightly, letís go to the cross to convince us/
Where He slaughtered the sinless/
Infinitely valuable Son who paid an infinite cost for forgiveness/
ĎCause thatís the only way the infinitely holy Yahweh can take us off of His hit list.

Sin is any thought thatís not morally pure/
Sin is loving anything else more than the Lord/
Sin is breaking His laws, forsaking His commandments/
Sin is hatred for God, itís blatantly Satanic

Verse 2:
Sinís idolatry and serving yourself/
Itís hating Godís riches and worshipping wealth/
Sin is substituting other ugly doings/
For God the Son whoís the lovely true King/
Sin is taking His glory and stomping, trampling on it/
Often weíre mocking dancing upon it/
Sin is not enjoying whatís most glorious/
Namely the Lord so of course Heís abhorring this/
Itís not valuing whatís most valuable/
Namely the Hallowed King whoís so powerful/
Sin is not thanking God, itís ingratitude/
For this grim attitude, His wrath is due/
And every time we err or a lie is blurred/
The Bible says that weíve despised His Word/
Itís not just sexual sin detested by Him/
But any expression of enmity manifested within/
From silent pride to violent eyes/
to the finest thighs we idolize/
Or the wisest guys who privatize bribes they hide/
Itís all despised in the Messiahís eyes/
Youíre too pure to look at evil of crooked people/
Who took cathedrals and made them crooks casinos/
Itís Godís most despicable enemy/
Sin would be the grossest sight if it were a physical entity.


Verse 3:
See unbelievers are really dung retrievers/
Chasing after feces son come to Jesus/
The Only One who cleans us/
From our ugly fungus and hundreds of tons of diseases/
All humans are professional sinners/
Weíre all born with this detestable sickness/
Our best deeds are the grimiest funk/
Theyíre menstral pads at that time of the month/
This deep corruption should seem disgusting/
If not youíre guaranteed to see destruction/
Admit your bent on being mischievous/
So kid repent of evil wickedness/
But in a sense when a Christian sins/
Itís more sickening than sins of wicked men/(Why?)
ĎCause weíve tasted His goodness as recipients of grace/
So every time we inn itís like weíre spitting His face/
If Christians are no longer trapped in its bondage/
Then why as dogs do we go back to our vomit?/
How dare us believers not cherish this Jesus/
And instead indulge in sin itís scary to see this/
Until we make Christ our treasured King/
And see His worth above everything/
We wonít recognize sinís evil nature/
Or appreciate our bleeding grieving Savior/
My point is this-Sin is so wicked/
But we dismissed this Ďcause weíre so distant/
From the Lordís glorious light/
Itís not Ďtil weíre in it that weíll see sinís horrible sight (right)/
But perhaps the greatest mystery/
Is that the Holy One Himself became iniquity/
And suffered infinite pain and misery/
To give us saving grace and make us sinners free.