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Liphe - Call Me
(from the album Picture)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1:
So I知 posted up at the local bar down town/
Caught a glimpse of your beauty lady I知 feeling it now/
You was looking quite nice from the top to ground/
I tell the bar tender wait and pass you another round/
Seen you eyeing me close (haha) sipping your drink slow/
So I approach with a smooth operation and flow/
Said you was pushing 30(and) I never saw you as old/
Your mature and able with a skin tone of gold/
Jet black hair that unfolds lips with a kiss to blow/
I壇 be a fool to quit miss and actually let you go?/
I conversate with your mind while I知 searching to find/
Our sight cause the feeling is like yo this love is blind/
I pulled you out of your chair so lets dance one time/
Whispered in ya ear until your smiling starts to shine/
I held you close from behind you said the moment was caught/
Regardless of the situation I知 just speaking my heart.

Verse 2:
So we danced for bit then I we agreed to dip/
Outside in the ride and decided to fly and hit the crib/
See I知 feeling the chick I知 doing fifty in the whip/
Man the feeling was legit and she痴 ready to strip/
Took her to my room feeling her hips and kissing her lips/
I Reached for a condom man, but see she really it wanted raw/
So jumped on me like(huh) she痴 really ready to brawl/
I知 holding her close kissing, feeling, and giving my all/
Had ya body moving up like the breeze in the fall/
Gave a reason to pause ma I was feeling so tall/
You clenched my back tight then ya body begin to jerk/
We was burning hot on the spot making it work/
No need to ask if you like it I知 not much of a flirt/
I just do it slow at first then beat hard and make it hurt/
Got you smiling with joy screaming my name/
If love hurts then I値l never ever forget this pain.

Verse 3:
Woke up the next mourning and the feeling was there/
Smiled and woke you up with kisses to your ear/
You saying I知 so dear I do care and well yeah/
I know u said when I hold you that you don稚 feel fear/
Ya ex man never supplied you or gave any means/
I do it right and treat you like a beautiful queen/
Complement ya personality and build ya self steam/
Continue to make you smile and build on upon this dream/
I know as a woman you body means so much more then sex/
No need to stress I got mad love and respect/
Because no female in this world should ever be done wrong/
And you know I mean it just listen to the song.