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Dynamics - Chill
(from the album Comfortable Miseries)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1:
At school I was a quiet cat who hung out with the hooligans/
And mack you would think I was the son of Max Cooligan/
Yeah, my girl was freaky but I guess now weíre cool again/
And the clowns that you chill with see I really canít fool with them/
Whatever they think of me Iím not concerned/
I got a whole lot to teach but even more to learn/
You thugs is cowards with no conscious talking nonsense/
When I walk the streets with a smooth nonchalantness/
Avoid conflicts but I fear no man/
But the thing between you and me itís not in the plan/
Iím trying to cultivate my mind, travel to foreign lands/
Broaden my horizons and let my perspective expand/
Now these thoughts is ideas man just canít understand/
The respect of a savage I donít need it man/
Follow the laws of Nature and Most Highís commands/
The respect of a savage I donít need it man.

And cats donít really want itÖ.CHIILL
Back the **** off meÖ.CHILL
Hey lady you looking flyÖ.CHILL
All I wanna do is get this money andÖ.CHILL

Verse 2:
Some think Iím unrighteous cause I socialize with thugs/
Sophisticated man raw with the dealings of drugs/
Civilized to bust guns over frivolous beef/
And when Iím politic and conversating I keep it discrete/
Iím better than most donít know donít imagine if I try/
Lyrically my vibe cannot be denied/
My essence suppresses defines what a man is/
Now my mindís more aligned to what Godís plan is/
See fools they act with mental power/
I raise daughters who become hoars and sons that become cowards/
I learned that age doesnít equal maturity/
I gained greater wisdom, I gained greater authority/
Life to the fullest Ďtil the day that Iím dead/
And pray for the Indian chick with the red dot on the forehead/
See, my name should never be mentioned/
My simpliest thought is way beyond your comprehension.