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Stephen the Levite - BnA part B
(from the album To Die Is Gain)
© copyright 2006

I came to preach the redemption, which means you can be forgiven/
For Christians it means the freedom from sin and legalism/
Jesus is risen releasing heathenís from prison/
Believe and seek his provision, begin living and reading his wisdom/
See what is written, be a Berean and listen/
Please donít receive what Iím spitting, read it again and see if Iím tripping/
Beats and a rhythm, can lead the sheep to forgetting/
That teaching is being given, let us reason, agree if itís hitting/
But if you have any questions, about the raps or the methods/
Then Iíd be glad to address them, adding some clarity/
Whether attack or confession, you understanding my message/
And all the facts that Iím stressing, that is my strategy/
I will discuss or debate, it with anyone in the faith/
Until Jesus comes or the grave is clutching the clay Iím in/
My wish is only, to come to the scriptures openly/
Humbly listen closely, and loving you when we donít agree/
My goal is knowing Him, flowing so others notice Him/
Rolling amongst the chosen, provoking others to grow in Him/
I spread the truth, and Iím ready for persecution/
But never get it confused; though Iím zealous itís not in foolishness/
The wise decision is, living life as a Christian to/
Live and die in submission to, His discipleís commissioning/
Thatís why Iím praying, Iíll never deny His name/
Iíma repí Him if Iím in pain, or Iím threatened, To Die is Gain...