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Stephen the Levite - KnA
(from the album To Die Is Gain)
© copyright 2006

Verse: Stephen the Levite
You still listening Iím filling in the gap between the ending/
Of the track the scene was ill and it went black it seems real/
Enough to happen things are rough again I wonder if itís judgment/
Because of sin or toughening through suffering/
Heís conforming us to Him, can we afford to trust in Him/
When things are warming up again, if heís the Lord we must to win/
Itís daily getting hotter though, muze ditched the whip/
Landlady says we gotta go, moving in with Swift/
The cribs a block away from K and A, itís rocky in this day and age/
Thereís gotta be a way to make a dollar into daily wage/
Fiancť is killing me and calling me and giving me/
The long and angry fifth degree and honestly it sickens me/
She wants to push the wedding back, we argue plus Iím getting mad/
She cross the country chilling at the college, whatís the Philly status/
Yo she doesnít know the deal, I know sheís gonna go for real/
Sheís so disgusted over bills, the phoneís the one we both can feel/
She broke it off a little later, yo itís odd but still I thank/
Jehovah Jireh giving praises, yo my God is still the Greatest/
Even though Iím struggling my stomach isnít grumbling/
As much as what it couldíve been considering the months that went/
Christ control is true you know, my life is shown to prove it so/
I write this over music yo, the righteous know to use it bro/
God provides a gig again, a nine-to-five with benefits/
A hotter spot weíre chilling in, the spot where Josh and Brenden live/
Single like Apostle Paul, freedom like a prophet yíall/
The single life is off the wall and we still like to talk and all/
We keep it all platonic though, peep it yíall I gotta go/
Iím leaving on a hotter note, the reason for the plotted flow/
Is showing yíall purpose of Jehovah, God is purging us/
I know sometimes it hurts to us, but over time itís worth it bruh/
Heíll send ya through the fire, itís the Christian purifier/
This was written to inspire, shift your vision to Messiah/
Thatís why...

Iím writing the soundtrack to my life... (x4)