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R-Swift - Thankful
(from the album Revolutionary Theme Musik)
© copyright 2006

Verse 1:
Iíve been on planes, trains, automobiles and mics/
Made my way across America spilliní for Christ/
But inside something ainít feeling right/
Our relationship donít feel as tight as it used to be/
Where did we go wrong/
Hold up, I mean, my bad where did I go wrong/
Could it be that I spent more time writing you songs/
Instead of living life in your arms/
But you just remained faithful when my faith was useless/
Backsliding, dancing with sin like a two step/
Yet you stepped- right in front of me/
And saved me from the fire of your wrath like a proof vest/
Man, what an ill situation/
And I guess Iíll never know how much patience/
It took to deal with things I did, how I lived/
But you still managed to call me Godís kid/

And Iím thankfulÖ

For Your grace and Your love/
The sacrifice You made on the cross just for Us/
Thank You for every single thing that Youíve done/
Like giving up the life of Your Son.

Verse 2:
Iíve been in many relationships but most failed/
Posted up in emotional jail with no bail/
Serving the sentence but after searching the Scriptures/
Now Iím truly learning repentance/
And I yearn for forgiveness for the plenty of times/
That I wouldnít give You plenty of my heart, body and soul involved/
I was so part time but now I give you control of all/
My achievements, mistakes and all/
My highpoints, pitfalls Lord take me Iím Yours/
Plus I stand before You naked and all/
Standing in awe of the sacrifice you made at the cross/
And to think we were the cause of the bailment/
ĎCause it was our sin that was banging them nails in/
One at a time on the day you became fatal/
To give us grace by the plateful Lord Iím so thankful for You.


Verse 3:
Iíve been at the point of my life where most would have gave/
Up and all my hope was approaching the grave/
I was so hopeless to gain and covered it up/
With a smile so no one else could notice my pain/
But You viewed through it/
When I was consumed by the sewage of my heart/
But You wouldnít stop Ďtil You were included/
And became the all and center of a fallen sinner/
As the flawless Spirit of the Father entered/
My life changed I donít see things quite the same/
A slave to darkness Ďtil Christ and His light came/
Now thereís no more sleepless nights, Iíve seen this/
Light in my life is redeemed by the Blood of Jesus/
Thank You for amazing grace changing my ways/
Thank You for eternal life beyond the grave/
And Iím thankful for every single thing that Youíve done/
Like giving up the life of Your Son for me.