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Everyday Process - The World Needs Jesus
(from the album Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination)
© copyright 2007

The world needs Jesus
The world needs Jesus
Look at all the fear and all the pain
Look at all the tears that fall like rain
The world needs Jesus
The world needs Jesus
Look at the death and destruction
Look at the theft and corruption

Verse 1: Mac the Doulos
Cats come from areas full of the disenfranchised and have nots/
Always wishing they had what the haves got/
But they don’t and they think that sucks/
So they resolve to get involved in the game to get fast bucks/
Young bucks on the block bust glocks/
And duck cops and tuck rocks in they socks/
This is just how they’ve been taught/
They think if you moving weight then you doing great if you haven’t been caught/
In the streets violence and death bring a silence that’s deafening/
‘Cause the hood got codes…and it blows my mind/
If you snitch on a crime, they’ll put you in the ditch on a dime/
Why? How did it get so bad/
It’s harder to get a good education than get to get dope bags-it’s so sad/
But God sent His son to save us/
That’s the basics…you need to know that.

The world needs Jesus
The world needs Jesus
Look at the crime and abuse
Look at the minds of the youth
The world needs Jesus
The world needs Jesus
Look at the hate and the apathy
Look how we create our own tragedies

Verse 2: Mac the Doulos
I’m so perplexed and my soul is vexed/
‘Cause human bodies are being sold for sex/
In 06 a prominent pastor was found to have a prostitute’s number in his rolodex/
So yo what’s next/
Humanity is homicidal, suicidal, the truth is rivaled/
By lies and idols-we threw the Bible out with the trash/
And a money hungry mentality has made many devout for the cash/
According to Forbes, it’s bout 800 billionaires out there/
Makes ya wonder how people still die from hunger/
And these are just the things I’ve seen/
I ain’t even touched on the stuff I’ve heard about by word of mouth/
This thing we call life, can cause cats to weep all night/
But front like everything’s all right/
The fast paced rat race did it to them/
And they end up ruined ‘cause they never think to call Christ

The world needs Jesus
The world needs Jesus
Look at the thugs and the greed
Look at the drugs and disease
The world needs Jesus
The world needs Jesus
Satan’s cronies are getting
People to buy into phony religions

Verse 2: Mac the Doulos
I’ve come to the conclusion/
That most have lost hope and can’t cope, they’re overcome by confusion/
Look, we choke and croak from smoke and pollution/
The deceived believe in a hoax or illusion provoked by delusions/
Young girls face the pressure of measuring up/
To the artist or actress they’ve seen in the magazines, the devil is setting them up/
There’s lies in the media and people just eat it up/
But then they tune me out as soon as I bring Jesus up/
A killa can off ya/
‘Cause for the right price his lawyer can change murder to manslaughter/
You got terrorist terrorizing the populous/
In 01 them NY twin towers got dropped on us/
Racism is insane yo/
Considering God made a world full of colors like the rainbow/
We fight each other over trivial idiosyncrasies/
You’d think we see that we all got the same foe/
Elections cause lots of tension…not to mention/
Crooked law enforcement and politicians…this world is full of rotten systems/
Don’t tell me that people ain’t hurting/
The world is offering solutions but they ain’t working/
I know you think I’m pessimistic/
Really I’m realistic the truth sobered me up and I want the rest to get it/
‘Cause the rest have missed it-.despite the evidences/
That the metaphysics of this world is messed up let’s admit it/
And only Christ can fix it.