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shai linne - Issues
(from the album Urban Compostions Vol. 2)

You see, critical times call for critical measures, and in these last times,
what we need is some cats that's gonna stand up for the truth of Jesus Christ without compromise, his life, death, and resurrect(ion).


Verse 1:
Yo, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I represent the Almighty/
You know exactly who it is, itís like Caller I.D./
Jesus Christ fully man fully divine/
Light of the world shine giving sight to the blind/
Weíre in the last times, the global emergency approaches/
Weíre urban theologians with the fervency of Moses/
While some choose to compromise/
A few recognize that only the truth can conquer lies/
Where United States is headed for Sodomís reprobation/
Hottest destination, the church needs a modern reformation/
I would talk about myself but Iím dead/
God killed me and gave me His Sonís life instead/
All who die without this living hope gonna fall/
Everybodyís a sinner, even Pope John Paul/
Itís ironic the sinlessness of Christ is even acknowledged/
In the Koran by the Islamic prophet Mohammad/
But only Christ rose from the grave those he chose to be saved/
He shows them His ways and molds His praise/
The foundation the essence, He gets props believe in Him/
Salvationís the message, hiphop the medium.

Issues etc. hold it right there/
All my Christian soldiers throw ya fist in the air/
If youíre with me say yeah/
Only Christ can separate the wheat from the tares/
But all my Christian soldiers throw ya fists in the air/
If youíre with me say yeah/

Verse 2:
The church has lost its discernment/
Thatís why wolves disguised as sheep preach unbiblical sermons/
Christ is Supreme not Diana Ross/
Why all these cats try to make Him Santa Claus/
The way they pimp the congregations, itís trife and foul/
They say Jesus was rich to justify their lifestyle/
Forreal, what Iím seeing is ill/
2 Timothy 3:1-9 is being fulfilled/
Right in front of our eyes now which one will be wise/
And look under the disguise, see the abundance of lies/
I know this iced out pastor, the brother's large/
My man wanted to go to his church but couldnít afford the cover charge/
Iím plugging chords because they twist the text for cash/
The Lord said weíll see through them like Plexiglas/
Matthew 7 baby these reverends be shady/
Theyíll fall like Jerusalem in 70 A.D.


Verse 3:
I represent the God who heals diseases/
Who gives life to whomever He pleases/
The Sovereign Lord Jesus/
He does whatever He wants, nobody can stop Him/
For secular humanists, he's the fundamental problem/
Heavier than a million tons, more deadly than a billion guns/
With more light than a trillion suns/
He got this universe mastered/
He created your Deoxyribonucleic acid/
Heís the one who put the rings around Saturn/
Heís so creative, He gave every snowflake a different pattern/
My point is the God of whom I write is dope/
And you can see that through the telescope and the microscope/
If all thatís true, then answer me this yo/
Why so many gospel choirs look like San Francisco/
Itís no need for me to put the world on trial/
When thereís women in the church on some Girls Goní Wild/
When God removes the disguises/
On Judgment Day thereís gonna be a whole lot of surprises/
Christ paid the punishment for sins, amounts that none can afford/
Therefore Judgment begins in the House of the Lord.