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Ambassador - He's Glorious
(from the album The Thesis)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: Ambassador
Stop, watch, this is hot, watch/
Systems knock as I come in to drop a God/
It cannot be stopped ‘cause he'll spot the spot/
He's out for props and won't stop ‘til he's got it locked/
Who's worthier? Tell me that you've heard of the/
God who used rap as a tool, he's used dirtier/
These are last days when kids up in the schools murder ya/
Look you in the face and then ask you, "Now who's scurred of ya?"
And this emergency rap can do some surgery/
Ambassador's after ya but half of ya never heard of me/
In times like these, we bind our knees/
to not be lifted up like people when they climb high trees/
Listen, Where's the salt and light? People that's called to fight?/
Do your thing, sing your dance, spray your cans, honor Christ/
This is a mission for people who got a vision for schools, blocks, and prisons/
We're coming like we were blitzing

He's glorious, he's glorious/
Tell a friend He wins, He's victorious/
Check the headlines, there's a deadline/
When it comes to glory, Jesus says, "I'ma get mine!"


Solus Christus, Christ alone. Solus Christus, Christ alone
Solus Christus, Christ alone. Solus Christus, Christ alone

Verse 2: shai linne
We proclaim Christ: the pre-existence, Incarnation/
Crucifixion, resurrection, exaltation/
The Father's dedication to the Son's glorification/
That means representation in every generation/
Hip-hop is no exception- His truth reached me/
And I don't like most secular rap- it's too preachy/
They preach guns and sex, they preach skills/
You should get refunds, yet you get refills/
They celebrate selling weight to shine great/
But fellas hate when we tell our faith to elevate your mindstate/
We went from living for the moment to fervent visionaries/
Forgiven through atonement- we're urban missionaries/
Read the last 2 verses of the book of Matthew/
And then look at your neighbor and tell him to stop looking at you/
We got work to do, we’re trying to touch the nations/
Lord, revive us like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.


Verse 3: Ambassador
In this life you either rise or you fall/
Don't be surprised if you never rise if your views of God are too small/
Gotta enlarge the picture, then all can get a/
View that's higher oneness inspiring all scripture/
First, I can say He's Lord, or I can say He's raw/
I say it y’all, surely this is what Isaiah saw/
Now, fade left, check the Rock of Ages/
He pays less, you'll be rocking when there's no more age left
Write about Him, you'll write till there's no more page left/
Get hype about him, he made your body and gave breath/
Showed His glory to Moses up on the cage crept/
More glory showed when he rose ‘cause he upstaged death/
Who's liver than them? Who's rivaling them/
Booted Satan when He found a little pride was in them/
We fight with a gun, He fights with His tongue/
We need life in the Son, but this one is as right when they come.