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Timothy Brindle - Pressing Into the Kingdom
(from the album Killing Sin)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Christ rescued Tim by His death for men/
I accept Him in- I once slept in sin/
Yes Iím now His resurrected kin/
But the Christian race is starting so letís begin/
What a hectic thing Iím stepping in/
A plethora of men and women expect to win/
Trying to cross the border like a Mexican/
But the kingdom doors are closing letís be pressing in/
Itís no a competition to conquer Christians/
We help each other get across the finish line/
But those who turn back get killed when they halt/
And turn into a pillar of salt/
ďBut I thought salvation's through faith alone?Ē/
Yes, but this faith is shown by those who make it home/
Because Christ words are clear/
ďThose who are saved endure to the end and persevereĒ/
The pilgrimage is through the wilderness/
And I must kill my own sin and filthiness/
I see the grime thatís within Iím despising my sin/
To see the Kingís face is the prize at the end/
Because my portion is my Lord and my Father/
I brought nothing with me but my Sword and my Armor/
And I brought a pocket full of manna/
And Christ righteousness Iím rocking as my banner/
He paved the way exact and gave His map/
To help me stay away from Satanís traps/
Plus He gave me His Spirit to guide me/
When Iím weary and tired His Spirit revives me/
I realized that something drastic has happened/
That shapes my attractions and fashions my actions/
I died with Christ and rose with Him/
So now I have dominion over sin/
At first I ran great over landscapes/
Because I canít wait to see the Lambís face/
Daily refreshed on new supplies of manna/
With my Sword Iím killing lies and slander/
I see wolves in sheepís clothes/
I was told that these foes are greedy and cold as Pete Rose/
I avoided the pack/
But some of my boys were attacked and destroyed by the trap/
I soon fell into a swamp of slime/
At the sight of my sin I almost lost my mind/
And started spitting up at the sickening stuff/
It was the sin that easily trips me up/
These slithery cords started bringing me towards/
The bottom of the swamp I was swinging sword/

To slice them off of me/
Now I feel trife and sloppy see and this life's exhausting me/
So I ran to a mountain of Love/
And dove head first in itís the fountain of blood/
After being renewed and cleansed/
I realized that itís better to run with a crew of friends/
Plus I realize Iím my worst enemy/
Itís my own sinful nature that hinders me/
On top of solid rock Iím running again/
And not on soggy slop Iím shunning my sin.

This is the fight of my life I sure can't afford to be slipping

Verse 2:
I then passed by the city of destruction/
And I seen how itís wicked and disgusting/
Full of wicked worldliness/
And images of pretty girlies hips and jiggy pearly wrist/
When I passed there block I was asked to stop/
But I had to say Iíd rather not/
I was slapped and socked as the laughing stock/
But I tried to warn them, ďGodís wrath is hotĒ/
But they abused this Christian they refused to listen/
They wouldnít choose the good news of the crucifixion/
This city was full of pagans bragging/
And its ruler was this huge flaming dragon/
But this one cat asked for the Messiah/
So I grabbed his hand and snatched him from the fire/
But then this girl she stopped and gave up/
She loved the world more than the God of Jacob/
I must reset my pace for the rest of this hectic race/
So I shed some extra weight/
And kept my eyes on Christ fixed on Him/
So I wouldnít slip in sin and trip again/
But I took my eyes off Christ and tripped and stumbled/
Down this cliff I crumbled I ripped my bundle/
Plus my hand is cut my pants are stuck/
Now Iíve fallen and I canít get up/
I see the worldís tyrant economy sponsored/
It was this giant pornography monster/
It grabbed my legs I was stabbed with pegs/
So I had to pray for a path to escape/
Just then rushed in a crew of brethren/
They rescued me from the poo I stepped in/
Forget a jar of scope a bar of soap/
I washed in the blood of the Lamb of God to soak/
I seen my weakness now my strength is crushed/
So Christ became my crutch, my strength, my trust/
Jesus is my treasure but He feels so far away in this dry desert/
I know I must murder my sin and endure to the end/
But now Iím thirsting for Him/
And Iím so anxious so the Spirit led me to an oasis my soul craves this/
I drank from joyful springs/
To rest from my toil to sing to the anointed King/
It renewed my hope in the open tomb/
But then I see the kingdom doors theyíre closing soon/
I must be relentless to rush to the entrance/
Along with brothers who trust in repentance/
But thereís not a lot who are soldiers/
Who run with their cross on top of their shoulders/
By my road map Iím soon reminded/
The gate is narrow and thereís a few that find it/
And those who do donít dilly dally in/
Theyíre really rowdy men who kill and battle sin/
But at the last stretch the porn monster/
Returned to tempt me to be a hormonger/
So with my Sword I hacked it to pieces/
Because Iím way more attracted to Jesus/
Now I enter the gates ending this race/
Jesus my Hope and His Splendor awaits/
And though Iím pressing in detesting sin/
Itís His blood and righteousness that gets me in/
Iím now ready to see His majesty/
ďItís the King of Glory!Ē Iím screaming happily/
As I bask in His presence perfect in pleasure/
Iíll worship forever with gladness and reverence/
Wondering whatís to come, and after a ten thousand years itís as if itís just begun/
Wondering whatís to come, and after a million years itís as if itís just begun.