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Everyday Process - Intro (Straight to the Point)
(from the album Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination)
© copyright 2007

Verse: Mac the Doulos
Iím a get straight to the point/
If you ainít too fond of Jesus believe me you gonna be hating this joint/
ĎCause we sat down and wrote in hopes of making it point/
To the Savior every time they playing this joint/
Some say I like the way yíall rap/
And some look at us and sayÖ"it donít take all that!!!" /
Still we stay in the kitchen to cook hooks/
For pitching truth to dudes like they got baseball bats.

Verse: Iz-real
And this ainít complex/
The object is to please the heart of the Father and live within the Torahís context/
Different in mindset infinite concepts/
Inject the brain as timeless scripture mirrors our progress/
Embrace the process endure hardships/
Wear the chains of the gospel proud you ainít suspect/
Get involved yes/
Every step should be one the son sets so rep until your last sunsets/
Your plagued with sin got to deal with the flaws/
This is real as it gets feel the effects of the fall/
But we ainít chasing broads blazed at the bar/
You can catch us in the hood raising the standard like a Cingular bar/
We ainít scared in the streets we right here with a fleet/
Fully aware fully prepared for the heat/
On the block we donít pop never run with the rock/
It donít stop they in shock at how we run with the flock.

Verse: Mac the Doulos
If itís true the truth hurts, then this a painful album/
This ainít your average same old plain old album/
Itís more like a drano album/
Addressing filth coming thru the pipelines when we write and recite rhymes/
When me and Iz decided to make this/
We sat in the basement and meditated/
On Jehovahís greatness/
And on how much we hated that the worldís ways are overrated/
Its cycle is perpetuated! Godís ways are desecrated but not for long/
ĎCause one day the wrong and the right Christ gonna separate it/
And not quite like blacks and whites when they was segregated/
Check the pages in revelations peep it its deep/
But if your allegiance ainít to Jesus read it and weep/
We just eager preachers/
Trying to reach the youth wit truth through mics, beats, and speakers.

Verse: Iz-real
Iz and Mac we ainít trippiní ainít clappiní them bangers/
On the strip we forgiven we ainít living like gangstas/
We got a heart for the gangsta/
And wanna see him meet truth thatís deeper than the titanic ship anchor/
We the salt of the earth better known as the church/
Keep ya flavor just create in them thirst/
No compromise we got abundance of worth/
Found in Christ holiness first till we lay in our hearse.