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Everyday Process - Resist the System
(from the album Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1: Mac the Doulos
This that holy hip hop, but easy homie/
Wait! Donít tune me out take it easy homie/
We preaching Jesus, but please believe us/
In all honesty you really need this homie/
Thatís why we hitting your block up with this God stuff/
The gospel of Christ the only truth not allah Ďcause/
I know hearing this in hip hop can be odd but/
If we didnít ya only option would be ya grandmaís stuff/
And thatís cool and all/
But since cats love rap, we sneak the gospel in spitting truth in bars/
Still feel like Iím losing yíall/
If donít rhyme about girls, cash, my crew, or cars/
Understand it donít matter how much doe you get dude/
ĎCause when you go ainít none of it going wit you/
To the afterlife thatís a fact of life/
Itís obvious you need to change your appetite/
ĎCause you hungry for the wrong types of things/
Like the status, the chrome and the icy chains/
You Materialistic a spiritual misfit/
Youíre at odds with God and youíre willing to risk it/
So why it gotta be like that/
Forsaking the savior like he ainít bleed like that/
Tortured and stretched on a tree like that/
Died, rose, and rolled, but said that heíd be right back.

Resist the system-reject the status quo/
Buck against the worldís ways/
Godís got a better way/
Peep the alternative/
If you dead in sins you can turn and live/
Thatís why He bled for you. Laid in the grave for you/
Raised in 3 daysÖ.the cost of sinís paid for you!

Verse 2: Mac the Doulos
I work a 9 to 5 in Chester, PA/
Youíd get depressed if I replayed what I see everyday/
Why? cats have opted to brush God under the carpet/
And all this causes is godlessness/
Look the Stakes is high like the Empire State sky scraper/
This situationís major turning your back on the God who made ya/
You donít wanna make that mistake Ďcause/
If you donít follow Christ wayÖitís a heavy price to pay/
Donít wait Ďtil you die then open up your eyes/
In hell to be like "dag! Yo, them Christians was right/
Hey yo! Recognize that weíve all sinned/
And a just God just wonít let you slide/
Itís best you side with Godís Son/
Who came to taste death then rise just to rescue lives.


Verse 3: Mac the Doulos
Oh so you trying to be a trap star/
Gunning to be the one running things like a track star/
Listen Christ endured the cross, died, and got up/
So you wouldnít have to run the streets and get shot up/
And lilí girls learn how to drop that and pop that/
Iím asking myself, ďHey Yo! Where they pops at/
Oh he a thug on the strip trying be a coke boss/
Or in the club with a chick trying get her clothes off/
And this is how cats in the hood think/
It stinks the enemy he got the hood hoodwinked/
Itís just disguised lies pulling the wool over your eyes/
Donít be a fool open your eyes/
Itís so ill/
Iím on this bumpy ride through life and Iím seeing tons of road of kill/
Dead individuals and I ainít talking bout the physical/
Itís spiritual to bring them back to life we need a miracle/
God is awesome/
But people got a priority list where God ainít at the top we got a problem/
And its solving is only found in the God-man/
Who suffered the cross to recover the lost thatís Godís plan/
Jesus Christ the way, truth, the life/
And yup He can save you despite/
Who you are or what youíve done in life/
You lost in darkness; you need to turn to the light.