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Everyday Process - Holla At Me
(from the album Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1: IZ-REAL
I guess itís safe to say the Rockís in the building/
2000 years flawless Heís still rocking his children/
A monument like Plymouth Rock for us pilgrims/
In fact the impact has got me rocked for a million/
Strict life and I donít play in the streets/
A strict diet I stay a way from the sweets/
Excuse the kid if he wonít eat the kings meat/
Iím on my Shadrach tell them boys go head and bring heat/
Iím in His sight Iím doing right who can harm me/
Solid faith in my fight plus I bang with an army/
I ainít tripping man the world only bores me/
After life found in Christ Iím good and know what itís gone be/
Distractions in my view but they ainít blocking a thing/
On the strip everyday but Iz ainít chopping the cane/
Plotting on dames whoís game I ainít copping a chain/
Switched hustles dudeís in advertisement shopping the NameÖJESUS!

Hook: Trip Lee
You want that truth over lies. You can holla at me/
We in the booth promoting God. You can holla at me/
You want that news from the word. You can holla at me/
From the hoods to the burbs. You can holla at me/
You want to hear with urban preachers. You can holla at me/
A young dude preferring Jesus. You can holla at me/
Preaching the Christ you heard about. You can holla at me/
From east coast to dirty south. You can holla at me/

Verse 2: IZ-REAL
This ainít your typical flow man no dope fam/
I ainít fitten to rap about grams and how to blow grams/
Iím real serious in reaching my goal man/
To bring a legend through your hood but he ainít the snow man/
Nope so sincere and I donít run with the actors/
Live by faith they think I walk through life backwards/
On my duty like them plain clothes cops/
Eternal watts on your block after the sun done dropped/
A slight twist and I donít need to have iced wrists/
To get your eyes fixed locked tighter than vice grips/
Playa heís God couldnít beat Him with night sticks/
Still you burn most of your days like working the night shift/
Jesus on the premises adore Him Heís righteous/
And everywhere with believers like T Mobile Sidekicks/
Yet Heís much more than a sidekick/
Heís priceless engineering a plan to save man from wrath when the sky splits.


Verse 3: IZ-REAL
Death is real but we ainít scared of the grave/
Christ goes before the body like the head of the page/
Sinís on lock no longer head of our ways/
When truth circles every thought like a head full of waves/
The Bibleís alive so real you can taste it/
Past present dawg itís relevant for the ages/
Sin equals death the script is clear what our wage is/
So we eat sleep and breath life straight from the pages/
We ainít down we ainít bound like them slaves ships/
Might even get clowned Ďtil weíre buried like basements/
We gone suffer though enough of his grace is spent/
To keep us as His people Ďtil the day of arraignment/
The unpopular flock and causing them problems/
So prepared no backing down weíre living sure of our outcome/
For me itís much more than an album/
Behind the music I do this dudeís influenced to live whatís truth in my album.