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Braille - Guilty by Association
(from the album Night Owls 3: The Chiropractor's Goldmine)
© copyright 2007

Iím not ignorant or unaware of any flaws
In a world full of good and evil, rights and wrongs
Every individual stands accountable for their own
Many times mankind categorizes and clones
So some hate others based upon association
And some follow footsteps that lead to devastation
We all make our own choices
But sometimes we canít control our surroundings
They drown us, slowly choking
How can I judge a man based on appearance
Or without knowing what he was taught through the years
No excuses, but our childhood, it produces
Perspectives on life that leave us lost in confusion
Iím not anti anything unless itís anti-truth
But even that can be misconstrued
I donít expect every man to see things the same way I do
And if you hate what I stand for, I still got love for you
The trouble comes when we fail to realize our history
And all the negatives associated with this industry
All the negatives associated with every nation
Associated with our skin and complexion
Evil, betrayal, and hate pass through generations
Thatís why our children need proper education
Everything we are has been exposed to corruption
Which makes us all guilty by association

Oppression, the oppressed never rest
No courage to stand up for the innocent
It builds character, hard times weíre going through
Perseverance bringing us closer to the truth
And justice you canít find externally
Or quality, all men created free
This is our hope, but most people reject it
The choice is yours if youíre willing to accept it

I would never hate a man cuz of the color of his skin
I would never hate a man for living in sin
I hate the actions, I hate seeing people destroyed
I hate the temptations that many canít seem to avoid
Iím all about the empowerment of people
But sometimes the power gets in the wrong hands
Iíd never take away your freedom, you canít take away mine
You canít look up in the sky and tell the sun not to shine
The darkness will be overtaken
And I believe that the righteous will never be forsaken
I believe that love will overcome the hatred
And a lot of what Iím saying is just observations
Life is a battlefield, to me itís spiritual
To some itís a battle for freedom and respect
Some get stuck in an imaginary war
With innocent casualties, endless tragedies
Fictional enemies stopping you from breathing or seeing the light
Itís just a shadow, you got to fight your own battle
But which side are we on, whoís attacking us
Who can we trust, Iím drawn closer to God, watching the earth shatter
Let no man stand between you and the truth
Many things meant for good get misused and abused
But whoís guilty, we all make mistakes
So how can we determine whatís real and whatís fake
I follow absolutes on an individual basis
Iím a Christian, and not ashamed of that association