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Everyday Process - Amazed
(from the album Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1: IZ-REAL
Iíve seen God in his might/
And I ainít got no problem pulling punches dog I jab with the mic/
Got a word full of life/
Christ on the heart and the church on my mind my motive is right/
Pray Iím leaving a trace/
So unbelievers meet grace and truly are assured of theyíre fate/
Divine confidence Iím sure of the faith/
Real rap Ephesians 2:4 Iím finally awake/
Got no time for debates though vexed/
Perplexed on both sides Iím paced in my race/
Shaking up cities and states/
With nothing but the motto the gospel so grab a hold of itís weight/
And see all else is a waste/
Been there done that side track tried that life but it flaked/
Tried Christ Iím anxious but wait/
Thereís unfinished business Iíll hold it down the kings preparing a place.

Forever Iím a sing of your praise/
It wonít stop Iím a tell of your ways/
Make discipleís the debt has been paid/
I stand amazed for the rest of my days/.

Verse 2: IZ-REAL
Iím blessed this ainít new to me/
And I was set before a Kanye West hit to know Jesus Christ walked with me/
I was charged to be/
A man after Gods own heart cause that was more important than fame in the industry/
So I donít write raps to suit your flavor/
Iím Iz-real out to introduce your maker/
They hated Jesus and they hate wonít waiver/
Your born gone lifeís a vapor still truth is major/
Closter phobic and I stay out the closet/
No longer timid man a middle man will make him nauseous/
Authentic artist truth regardless/
Men donít fell God like there finger tips were frostbit/
Finger tips seek pulses/
In the land of the living were I figure tips from sinful men are simply Godless/
Jesus Christ is more than a prophet/
Heís the past present and future God who rules the burbs to the projects.


Verse 3: IZ-REAL
So even if the hay blows flesh gotta lay low/
Spirit man in the spirits hand like Iím play dough/
See the bar wonít go Henny by the case load/
Last fifth got me sick and I vowed to say no/
Iím grateful God was still able/
Dude was unstable Christ remained faithful/
Sinful my acts were so shameful/
But thank God for Jesus redeemed and Iím grateful/
Filled with the gift now fully equipped/
Hate American idols THE BIBLEíS fully legit/
Though affectionate rivals prefer I stick with the script/
All set for survival rather than bully the mix/
Could be a sick chick whoís gully with wit/
Down with an arbor mist and a philly to split/
But naw I rather God in the midst than harlots or spliffs/
No Sodom and Gomorrah still we party a bit.