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Everyday Process - All I Need
(from the album Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1: IZ-REAL
My eyes are fixed and itís so fly/
To hope in Your word and Your word wonít hold lies no defects/
While sinful men on they reject/
Iíll reset my mind and meditate on Your precepts/
Heart sound in Your statues what fortune/
Canít live my life with out you my portion/
Of course then your rich in your mercies/
Unworthy I seek righteousness God Iím thirsty/
Panting like the deer for the water stream/
Lord and king so my soul longs youíre my everything/
Keep me from the hand of the wicked/
And the inner man whoíd love to get his hand in some mischief/
Through life it ainít strange to gain interest/
Iím still in the culture help me remain different/
Youíre infinite donít want to taint Your image/
There isnít an inch of your existence I can misprint.

Youíre all that I need/
Youíre all that I see/
Youíre all that I breathe/
Youíre all that I need LORD.
All that I need LORD

Verse 2: Mac the Doulos
LORD, itís You I need-Without You, I couldnít breathe/
Blind to the truth couldnít see/
And I wouldnít be/
In a state to appreciate what You did on that wooden "t"/
And I shouldnít be complacent/
When considering how amazing Your grace is/
LORD, Youíve got my undivided attention/
I donít see how people just rely on religion/
Thatís an empty existence amidst this sin sick humanity/
Where all is vanity/
We need You but sometimes we donít act like we do/
We act like fools and opt to pass up on You/
I know we be bugging when/
We treat You like a supplement when in reality Youíre our sustenance/
Plus You crushed Your Kid/
So You could show us mercy this way we donít get what justice gives.


When I was blind to the Truth, you came and opened my eyes/
Iím convinced that I canít live without you. I know that I couldnít survive/
Youíre the source of my life. I can only be right with You by my side/
Youíre all that I need LORD. All that I need LORD.

Verse 3:
(Mac the Doulos)
Some audacity when we live life and live like/
We can survive without the One who gives life/
Our prayer is every Christian would listen/
To the voice of God and obey His commission/
(Mac the Doulos)
We need you like the earth needs rain/
And flee shameÖlookiní for the day when we reign/
(Everyday Process)
LORD, help us to heed You/
Forgive us for the evil that we doÖall we know is we need YOU.