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Everyday Process - Bangin'
(from the album Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1: Mac the Doulos
Itís hard to get cats attention Ďcause I donít rhyme about sin enough/
I do it different Ďcause look, Iím a Christian cuz/
Got something to say but cats donít wanna listen up/
They pray and go to church man they think itís enough/
Naww homie! Got it all wrong homie/
Look, we all sin donít we. Godíll punish sin wonít He!/
The truth is the truth ainít popular at all homie/
Only one way to God. Them other ways is all phony/
Jesus!!! But you already knew it/
You heard John 14:6. You need a q-tip/
Clean them ears dude/
So you can respond to God in the right way when you hear truth/
ĎCause everybody need Jesus from the pope to the dope man/
Thatís why we preaching Christ on fast tracks and them slow jams/
Get wit the program/
Tell them IzÖ."holiness first Ďtil we under the earth" Öthatís the slogan.

Soul winning. Go get them. Thatís banging/
We commissioned to go fishing. Thatís banging/
This is a cross movement. Thatís banging/
I said we keep the cross moving. Thatís banging/

Verse 2: Mac the Doulos
Iím driven to keep doing this even though most donít approve of this/.
See to the world Iím just a lyrical nuisance/
ĎCause I get in the booth spit/
That spiritual truth is exclusive to that dude thatís Jewish/
Conceived by the Spirit and born of a virgin/
He operates on hearts Heís sort of a surgeon/
His patients live forever with the urge to serve Him/
Word of mouth advertisements to bring Him more clients/
Iím trying to see the lies disguised exposed/
And the unsaved get saved and come in by the droves/
Itís like Iím Noah and the ark is Christ/
I wanna see people get inside the boat/
If you donít accept Christís proposition/
Then no matter how you live your life, you not a Christian/
My God is big man/
The Father got a sick plan to save the sin sick by pulling off a switch man!!


Verse 3: Mac the Doulos
I ainít doing this for no big check/
But even if I did .I couldnít make enough to pay that big debt/
Christ should be praised with lives like rebates/
He should get something back. Peep the price that He paid/
See Iím thankful for the Saviorís love/
Opened my chest like Vickís Vapor Rub Ďcause I was hard hearted/
for being the son of a man who gave up his son and ran/
But I forgave him after I was saved by the Son of Man/
Thatís what the truth will do to ya itíll move through ya/
And have you bid adieu to the sin you/
Iím proof a true screw up who grew up in church/
Knew of His work but wrote him off like a pencil dude/
But that was then this is now times have changed/
I repented this is how my mind was changed/
And now I roll with a fleet/
A bunch of believers and they ainít scared to go to the streets/
We preach this every where we go/
But some donít look at us as preachers 'cause we wear these clothes/
But man looks on the outer parts God looks at the inner parts/
The heart so you canít beef wit me Jesus said it yo/
I got saints in St Louis fam down in Florida/
You hearing one crew but itís a lot more of us/
They think we insane 'cause we aiming/
To keep proclaiming Jesus name 'cause Heís banginí!!!