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Everyday Process - Build Up
(from the album Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1: IZ-REAL
I pray my lyrics will offend the world/
Extreme measures when itís time to serve the truth hurts burnt flesh is worse/
Ainít perfect the walk is work/
Grind in the struggle buckle down resist my thirst/
Church little worth when search the earth/
Laid back in a Maybach mind tends to flirt/
Play back thoughts with Rahab hate the dirt/
Came wrap in a sin sack at my birth/
But now I got the mind of Christ and yes I hate flesh/
Aim to please God itís daily my body meets death/
Lord order each step I hate the former each breath/
And starve that which constantly conflicts with your interest/
I ainít sinless I just sin less/
Sightís on the person of Christ though life will pose threats/
No longer go get bottles of Moet/
Wonít let the world distract me Iím so focused.

We here to build up leave íem filled up/
The gospelís real enough but most donít feel us/
So what, we goní show up/
Cowards donít live by faith and dog we live just.

Verse 2: IZ-REAL
Pay attention to the outline/
Let the truth of God outshine lies that leave men outlined/
Dead to theyíre sin oh you ainít do time/
Congrats youíre born offensive births your first crime/
And we love it and covet sin like itís half the price/
Heathens fiending for death like addicts after white/
So I stall them like they at the light/
To set they sights on a sacrifice who gives the right to enjoy the after life/
Thatís why weíre out to set them straight/
Wonít hesitate bring a full course of the gospel and let men scrape the plat/e
I can feel the weight watch them indicate/
How they need Jesus they reject his grace/
Naw donít need that partner/
Been freed eight years you can keep the ganja/
No longer innocent/
When it comes to the infinite ya dealing wit a hard-core participant.


We rep the banner of righteousness in hopes to enlighten men/
With a chance to be right with God and sit/
At his table and feast on his manuscripts/
Hosanna forever beyond all theyíre monuments/
Undisputed truth in both Old and New Testaments/
Thatís why I donít mess around like dude was celibate/
Breathe and pause a bit/
I know the worldís going crazy and America is loosing its grip/
Thatís why every minute spent we gonna live life holy/
Married to Christ you can throw the rice up for me/
A gun for the truth weíll suffer boldly/
Prisoner for Christ while chumps deny his glory/
Christian are mission ainít impossible/
We avoid extensive sin to endure every obstacle/
And shine Christ with the intent to break up/
The engagement between mankind with death and sinís hang ups.