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Everyday Process - Live It Up
(from the album Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1: Mac the Doulos
I ain’t living for my job, ain’t living for my squad/
Man I’m living for my God/
Real rap man this isn’t a fascade/
I’m committed to the cause, man I’m driven like a car/
This life I’m living was given to me at a price/
And the price was paid by Christ who gave/
His life but didn’t stay in the grave/
After a 3 day delay Christ was raised/
If you on this side of truth/
Then I advise you to die to you/
And live for Him/
Don’t move to the world’s cue man yo they live for sin/
Forget about the goals people go for/
More doe, dope clothes, trying to showboat/
Never follow where the world’s trying to lead us/
Hold it down…pledge your allegiance to Jesus.

Live it up! Read that scripture. Follow that scripture. Model that scripture/
Live it up! Ay yo commune with the LORD/
In prayer just so you can stay in tune with the LORD/
Live it up! Chill. Be still. Know that He’s God and yield to His will/
Live it up! Decide on which side you gonna stand/
Get in line with His plan and rely on His hand.

Verse 2: Mac the Doulos
Some folk go for the gusto when they live they life/
But give they life to things that don’t mean that much though/
The hype and the fame, the cars and the riches/
The ice and the chains, the bars and the liquor/
If ya life is saved, you’re nothing like the world/
Stark contrast like night and day, that don’t make cats happy/
You might be a black sheep, but that’s the price you pay for living in the righteous way/
You might rumble with your ways/
Humble ‘cause you stumble everyday and drop the ball like a fumble on the play/
OK! But everyday God’s just growing you more/
And showing’ you more and everyday process/
Get in the script so knowledge can grow/
To be knowledgeable about the God that you know/
He’s sovereign yo let Him have His way/
Remember you’re the clay-made for the Potter to mold.


Verse 3: Mac the Doulos
People spend they’re lives trying to search for/
What on earth they’re on earth for/
The truth’s not far away, but look at Jim and them/
Trying to ball like Tim…taking the harder way/
If you ain’t sinning, they call it missing out/
I call it focused in purpose trying to live it out/
So make your priority living for the Christ/
‘Cause the majority, they ain’t living for the Christ/
You gotta focus on God’s goal/
Plus sty on patrol for them lost souls/
Open the Book. Look at Luke 10:2/
The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few/
Kats is trying to floss like "never mind the boss!" /
So when we interrupt they wanna get rid of us/
But no giving up on your mission ‘cause/
When your lifestyle is lifting Him up you living it up!!!!