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Everyday Process - Shine Bright
(from the album Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination)
© copyright 2007

Shine bright!
Shine Christ!

Verse 1: Mac the Doulos
Would you light a lamp and hide it under a basket (NO)/
So we shouldnít have cats who are Christians trying to mask it/
If youíre redeemed, I hope youíre listening/
Let your light shine Matthew 5:16/
And if youíre saved make the world break out the shades/
Shine the light of Christ. Watch darkness get out the way/
Model your life after the Kingís spitting image/
Follow the Word of God and everything written in it/
Iím trying to be the salt preserving the society/
But when the trump blows, you can say goodbye to me/
ĎTil then got to bear witness, thatís the mission/
Kats should look and be like "now thatís a Christian!!!"/
The purpose for living is to worship the risen/
Itís a relationship with Jesus not a worthless religion/
Wherever light exists, darkness exists/
Believers have the Holy SpiritÖsomeone evil canít mess with/
When in a room lost in darkness, you always turn on the lights/
But weíre doomed lost in darkness Ďtil weíre turned on to Christ/
You get the parallel/
The gospel is as real as it gets. It ainít no fairytale. Shine your light!!!


We let our light so shine in the dark for men/
A city on a hill that wonít conform to sin/
Wonít give in, Jesus reigns within/
Eternal watts and weíre amped. We canít be dim/
Let your light so shine in the dark for men/
A city on a hill that wonít conform to sin/
Donít give in, Jesus reigns within/
Eternal watts and youíre amped. You canít be dim.

Verse 2: IZ-REAL
We stuck in hot pursuit of Christís attributes/
Reflecting proof weíre salt and thereís flavor too/
We got sick of the wickedness in the midst of this/
Sin sick world now weíre activist for truth/
A light of the world in darkness/
Heís the flame call me candle stick light the wick/
Godís workmanship once ties were split/
But Christ evened things up like my ends were clipped/
And now were ready to ignite the fire/
But more important to seek Christ is the heartís desire/
Rooted in truth live in grace as heads inquire/
We become a spark in darkness exposing required/
Info they must know Christ the loop hole/
God made flesh in exchange for their lost soul/
The salt of the earth for all that its worth/
I got to spit the gospel accurate in every verse/
Live out the word passionate in every work/
God was lifted up and now he adds to the church/
So I display the Sonís rays in the last days/
And co-labor with my partner and preach one way/
Godís way wonít play/
Reflect the light of Christ in a dark age wonít wear the lampshade/
Got faith wonít sway/
Reflect the light of Christ in a dark age donít wear your lampshade