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Everyday Process - Grace
(from the album Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1a: IZ-REAL
If it wasnít for your grace no doubt Iíd be hopeless/
A schizophrenic living life homeless/
Paranoid thoughts every moment/
In the trash with a can of OE hungry looking for doughnuts/
Iíd probably be depressed trying to mask it/
On average drinking away my problems Ďtil the liver canít manage/
News reports states and itís tragic/
At twenty-six commits suicide by suffocating in plastic/
Man Iím quite sure Iíd be locked up/
A victim of the game mom ashamed to explain my illegal conduct/
Or matched up in the D.A.ís after line ups/
On my death bed doctors report timeís up/
I could be hustling crack/
Known in the trap as the dope boy twisting your cap/
Or I might across the map promoting sin as I act/
Your kidís idol preaching death through my rapsÖ

Verse 1b: Mac the Doulos
I could have been a slave to my own lust/
Hooked on drugs, sweeping it under the rug-unwilling to own up/
Or maybe a pedophile/
A sadistic misfit who gets kicks out of trying to sex a child/
Iíd be who the devilís using. Believing evolution/
Screaming revolution for no apparent reason/
Maybe an irresponsible parent even/
Or a fool gripping a tool instead of finishing school/
My story could have come/
To me living a criminal lifestyle slapped with a mandatory minimum/
My friends would have come/
To my funeral Ďcause I tried to be tough in a gun fight and didnít run/
Instead of doing these gigs, I might be doing a bid/
From corner biz thinking I was doing it big/
Iím thankful he hunted me down/
A lost dude who ainít wanna be down is now a son who is found.

I should have woke up in my grave/
With no escape from Godís wrath gotta deal with His rage/
A sin slave hellís fate for the human race/
But Christ saves through faith. What amazing grace!

Verse 2a: IZ-REAL
No grace scratch love and compassion/
Iíd no I be snapping heart cold like the winters in aspen/
Grudges in my heart from the past tense/
Living in unforgiveness trying to deal with pain daily through Aspirin/
Iíd probably be struggling bad the next dead beat dad/
With hidden bags of photographs from porno ads/
Never seeking help for the habit like Iím far from a addict/
In denial lies killing my marriage/
Could be confused since the first step unstable like waves get/
Deceived blind chasing the same sex/
Never introduced to the faith yet but flying a main jet/
With no clue of my after life and the plane wrecks/
Might steal from your mother beef with your brother/
Or pops Iíd be the creep you hate too creep with your daughter/
I might be clowning Christians down with Islam/
Helpless like drowning victims.

Verse 2b: Mac the Doulos
Minus God, Iíd be somewhere on broad in a brawl over some broad/
Following that road thatís broad/
Instead of this road thatís narrow/
In the path of godís wrath pulled back like a bow and arrow/
Could have been slipped a bad bag loosing my mind state/
Or breaking into your pad boosting the crime rate/
Could have been showing up in court/
For turning someone you know into a corpse, still showing no remorse/
Could have been binge drinking and vomiting/
Over a toilet then drinking a Heineken again/
ĎCause of sin in my genes, Iíd be chasing cinnamon queens/
Trying to get in theyíre jeans if Jesus ainít intervene/
No beats on the MPC/
Or emceeing with CM until the lungs is empty see/
Iíd be a heretic minus a savior/
If not for Godís unmerited kindness and favor.


He sought us. He bought us.
He raised us from the grave plus
He changed usÖrearranged us
Amazing grace has saved us
Heís seeking you. Heís seeking to
Raise you from the grave too
He can change youÖrearrange you
His amazing grace can save you