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Everyday Process - Everyday All Day Cypha
(from the album Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination)
© copyright 2007

(Everyday Process, Ambassador and Flame's parts only)

Mac the Doulos:
Iím trying to push a different propaganda/
In an industry where the MOST HIGH GOD is slandered/
Where Jesus is a joke/
Kats donít take Him seriously-thatís ironic when Jesus is your only hope/
And He says "you canít get to God without Me"/
To squash yíall beef and I ainít talking Ďbout cow meat/
You could taste Jehovahís grace/
And I ainít lying to you-this ainít no poker face/
I admit, Iím trying to sabotage the system/
Drop a few albums to grab yíall attention/
And switch them affections/
From the vanities of life to the death, burial, and resurrection.

The Ambassador:
I happen to rap for a Master whoís rap is just/
Classic in fact heís got raps thatís miraculous/
He can just speak and it has to just happen its/
Jesus who spat and this life was just as it is/
As for this blasphemous world I go after it/
Rap is my craft, itís universal like Catholic/
After this rapping biz I still will go after this/
World but my rap will be rapped through the pastorate/
Praise God that when Adam bit the dust/
The last Adam dipped into the pit and got us out of it/
Thatís the trick, the cross let us bask in it/
Want another way? You get none like when youíre abstinent.

Household of Faith Godís got you/
When the Son fulfilled the Psalms and died at Golgotha/
Now we got that agape love/
That tough to love me enough just to stop me love/
You gots to love the one we call the Rock of Ages/
Or the Ancient of Days/
Or YeshuaÖYes you are/
One day gonna confess the LORD/
Or take His rod or Godís gonna mess you up/
Meaning wrath/
God plus wicked men you do the math/
Criminals convicted of their wickedness/
Yo God is screaming come seek me/
Mune- gue- okkaber-rie-kie/
Thatís God bless you in Swahili.

Listen I know most seen the passion of Christ/
But Iím concerned cause we rarely see a passion for Christ/
The worlds a matrix people passing thru life/
Chasing they favorites but Jesus ainít the star in their sights/
Nope wonít compromise Iím trying to move the cross/
Everyday Iím hustling dirty but I ainít Rick Ross/
Cut from a different cloth/
Boss we gotta reach the lost make it business give them the gospel early at all cost.