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LA Symphony - Got It Get It
(from the album Night Owls 3: The Chiropractor's Goldmine)
© copyright 2007

You got it, get it
Itís living in your heart now
You got it, get it
Itís living in your soul now

Some fools smoke cigarettes and toot up their nose
Addicted to the internet or always buying new clothes
On the roam like a lion for the latest of trends
Lying to the ladies, maybe they can get them to bend
Letís not pretend like these ainít societyís ills
Try as we may, we canít escape desiring the thrill
But the fire and skill has been instilled in our soul
The man we wanna be is the man we already know

Born with a spirit, born with a soul
One with a destined plan only God can know
Nothing can be made if never rising to that challenge
You can hide from your life and you can bury all your talents
Itís like they say, ďNothing ventured, nothing gainedĒ
Youíll never prosper if you never know pain
Putting off your life, putting off your plans
Discounting your dreams with head buried in the sand


Can one man change the world, I donít know I never tried
And if I never do then these dreams canít come alive
ďYouíll be nothing then die,Ē they trying to sell you that lie
And you steady believing them getting drunk and high
If I only had a brain, the heart, the nerve
Itís them self esteem demons that live in negative words
You was born for a reason, for you thereís a plan
Donít leave it up to chance and say itís in Godís hands

Chasing whatís in there already, beneath uncertainties bury
Over their shoulder they carry shame and every thing scary
Very awkward and heavy, far from unordinary
Found in woman and man, insecurities vary
You will find similarities, you will find a difference
You will find your strength in someone elseís weakness
See and believe this, life has missing pieces
I exist like you, just for different reasons


Itís time to kill all the antics, you ainít young anymore
All the goals in your life have been thrown out the door
And replaced by circumstance, now a victim of regret
Still living in the past, you need to move to the next
Open your eyes, look aside, grab a hold of whatís there
You got talents and gifts that canít nobody compare
Because you ainít him or her, you can only be you
Do your best, nothing less, and to yourself be true