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Passie Posse - Trapped
(from the album Rechtstreeks)
© copyright 2006, Beat: Busy R Lyrics: Buys R Vocals: Busy R / Miss B / MoR-NL

When I was a little kid I felt I was trapped,
Life stabbed like a dagger so I like a hacker on the web
I grabbed any chance 2 find a road on the map
which would made me feel happy so like an RC I zapped
Cause I 1-2-3 myself but I could not see
So first I thought I found the answer in D-O-P-E
I was wrong cause the drugs tried to capture me
And I was to weak to feel and even to blind to see
So I didn't even know that I got L-O-S-T
In this web of deceit, man, I thought I had the key
and I was free like a bee while the pills where binding me
So I looked for somebody who was able to deliver me
Cause alcohol and drugs, I thought I could handle
Thought I was in control but like a burning candle
I was melting, going down while I was getting high
It's a lie, if I don't quit man I'm gonna die

Jesus Christ ... is The Way
Jesus Christ ... can make you see
Jesus Christ ... is the Son of God
Jesus Christ ... can set you free
Jesus Christ ... is alive
Jesus Christ ... can make you clean
Jesus Christ ... is The Truth
Jesus Christ ... will set you free

So now I knew like 1-2-3 or A-B-C 2 X-Y-Z
that X.-T.-C. doesn't make free
So I continued my quest 4 that road in life
and I found another answer in another lie
The L-S-D made me C an halicunality,
another spiritual world where everything would never be
the same it ever was, never was or ever will be
Where time is fantasy and space was reality
The trips where dope but they sucked up my energy
So I started again taking more X-T-C
Sometimes coke or speed, nonstop smoking weed
all 2gether with the booz and the L-S-D
So I tripped out, man, my mind freaked out man,
My soul left ma body and while I passed out man
I could do what I wanted and I thought I was free
Cause the laws of nature no longer influenced on me


My spirit deconnected, I could walk trough a wall
Control other bodies and fly and not fall!
Then I saw some kinda port right above the crowd
Which sucked up their souls while they where screaming loud
It was some kinda funnel but it was up side down
With a lotta blinking stars all circling around
Yeah, It looked real nice so I thought it was alright
Never knew the devil masked as an angel of light!
When I was coming down I was sweating, I felt hot
But I didn't pay attention as excited as I was
Now I knew it was true! there is a spiritual world
And I did found a key cause I could open the port
2 a place I thought was heaven maybe the universe
But it turned out 2 be a place which was much much worse
Cause Jesus states in the bible He is the ONLY way to God
And I definitely took another road so what was that place
what was that place ... that felt so hot ...