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Everyday Process - As Real as it Gets
(from the album Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination)
© copyright 2007

Christian this is real as it gets/
Our faith is strengthened daily so endure the test/
Renewing the mind of Christ to resist the flesh/
With a will to live peculiar despite the rest/
At the cross we find grace the blood of Christ defines/
Who we are as righteous men among sinful kind/
Believer we cross the line itís but a few times/
A just man gets up with the right mind.

Verse 1: IZ-REAL
Iíve said this before wonít do it any more/
Iím fronting with the world and my life is really yours/
Man it hurts like dancing on corns the walk is sore/
Flesh in control when I claimed you as Lord/
Philippians 4:13 through Christ Iíve got it beaten/
But it seems know of dayís the only strength I got is leaving/
Turned from your way when your face I should be seeking/
Deny you at times like Peter my heart aches I reaching/
Out because I have to no doubt I need to/
Realizing sin breaks the vibe with you forgive me for the dirt I do/
Thank you for being snatched from wrath/
But deliver me oh God from my haunting past/
It wants to take over my body like an allergic rash/
And Iím bout to blow up like a smoker soaked in gas/
Iíve tried the praying daily and a week long fast/
I avoid a way of escape I know Iím hurting you Dad/
Tired of dealing with the same sin but itís amazing/
How Your grace is sufficient and never changing/
A safe haven/
A dwelling place provided in you when my minds raging/
As the flesh keeps chasing/
Anything and everything unlike you Lord Youíre patient/
Your strengthís made perfect in weakness regardless of weak men/
Your spirit sustains men Ďtil the day of redemption.


Verse 2:
(Mac the Doulos)
Hey yo! I know what the Word say but Iím fessing up/
Iím messing up living the worldís way/
And I know sin canít control me or hold me/
But Iím having difficulty living holy/
And thatís real-ĎBout as real as itís gonna get/
Sometimes, I feel like I just wanna quit/
And to add insult to injury/
Iím trying to fight my flesh plus resist the enemy/
And dying to self is harder than I thought/
I faced even more temptation the harder that I fought/
Iím learning to live this Christian life on my knees/
You dead wrong if you think the Christian life is a breeze/
But I know I got the victory/
ĎCause I repented when the comforter came and convicted me/
God is into conforming us to His Sonís image/
Until He finishes, the saga continuesÖ
Have mercy oh Lord I feel the heat/
Although the spirit is willing the physique is weak/
Please fill the void and restore my faith/
Bring back the joy of me seeking your face/
I purposed in my heart to serve and trust you/
Walk upright live truth obey you/
But the more I try it seems the harder I fall/
In a race of endurance man I tend to stall/
Christian this is as real as it gets/
Your faith is strengthened daily so daily strive to carry/
Out the plan God ordained for us/
Before the world was framed he arranged for us/
To go thru knowing the outcome/
So as you go thru out comes everything thatís unlike Him/
In salvation you a work in progress/
He will finish what he starts so endure the process/
Ephesians chapter 2 you made alive in Christ/
So in this chapter of life youíre positioned right/
You know a distinguished life donít relinquish light/
When your spirit gets weak man trust his might/
Tell a friends if youíre anchored right/
Be encouraged walk upright live as the bride of Christ/
Godís grace is sufficient live in submission/
His spirit sustains men till the day of redemption.