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Tech Omega - Issues
(from the album Concrete Hits Vol. 4)
© copyright 2007

(Tech's part only)

I bow my head in a moment of silence and pay homage/
For my peeps in poverty cause of the rules of economics/
Chained in bondage our pain strains to see the dawn hit/
So I write towards the light staying bright and strong kid/
And I bomb this towards these political savage monsters/
I feel the shots rumble and come through this here’s a jungle/
Shots disperse young men get the hearse and mothers crumble/
For twenty-one years I've seen tears fall down and tumble/
Since Katrina I mean I've seen hate grow so much meaner/
They say on the side of life the grass is greener/
I'm Jumped through hurdles placed down never kept my face down/
I blaze sounds and move tracks for blacks and kept the pace bound/
So what you talking for what you gotta say now/
I'm trying to live my life right yet the jakes stay round/
Through life’s lessons of oppression I seek a free property/
A land for my peeps in the streets to share peace and equality.