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Liphe - Dead 2 Sin
(from the album The Paradox)
© copyright 2007

Dead to Sin and alive in Christ/
Itís only by grace that He raised a sinner to life/
Since Heís resurrected and Heís risen/
Now I fix my eyes on the cross with a vision/

Verse 1:
Let me bear the cross of Christ as I'm speaking the art/
They say life is what you make it so I'm playing my part/
Blessed by the mighty grace, I speak life with motivation/
Cultivate my faith through this type of dedication/
Christ washed my sins when I was lost in captivation/
So I recite to the mic with this type of salvation/
Used to dwell in the realms of sin and separation/
Now I'm aligned with the Divine and my flows so amazing/
A raw sojourner, preach the truth of Christ to the globe/
Done paid a sacrifice when I'm spitting the flow/
But I keep my eyes on the prize and maintain my faith/
Christ renewed my mind that's why I'm walking in grace/
So I press on in the race and let Christ dwell in the track/
Carry a vision in my fist 'til I'm kicking the fact/
See, I zone out in a rap while you were chasing the wind/
'Cause Christ emptied His Blood when I was sleeping in sin.


Verse 2:
I plant my feet on the Word and I walk with faith/
Never eclipse the Son ícause Christ covered me in His grace/
Iím holding fast to the truth, and etch my name in the Book of Life/
Cultivate my mind Ďtil I see the face of Jesus Christ/
While you searching for the fast life, trying to blast mics/
Itís the cross I bear to give the streets this type of black sight/
See, I stay on perfect time while you were fiending for cream/
And make Christ my portion, see I be chasing my dreams/
Brothers claim they on top but I search for deeper purpose/
Just call me the spiritual pilgrim Ďcause Iím dead to earth/
My mission, to preach Christ in the form of this type of rhyme/
And make sure the life I lead is aligned with the Lord/
I bite my tongue to speak the art, journey through the course of life/
Meditate on the Word and let my perception mature/
From tape decks to the land of blacks who never made it/
I put my fist up to dreams like those who got assassinated.