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Braille - Antenna
(from the album Box of Rhymes)
© copyright 2006

It's like I'm paralyzed in these perilous times
i'm not feeling these facades, it's the cause and effect
reality shows, they show no reality so
I turn off the TV, look out my window and watch that
real life, I walk that, street right in front of me
it's part of where I'm gonna go and who I'm gonna be
I got so many options to pick and choose, click and scroll
they try to box me in, I know I don't fit the mold
the powers in our hands to change the station
we can zoom out or zoom in to get a better view
whatever entertains, it can enter and remain
getting in your brain, after you pull back the cellophane
I got an open mind, but sometimes I kept it closed
cause I'm responsible for how I live until the credits roll
look here, the eyes will determine what we see
but the heart will determine how we see it (antenna)

Are you tuning in and listening
If you're not, open your frequency
Changing the way you will see your life
Your life

so many frequencies - and so many stations
so many roads, paths, inclinations and lanes
life is dynamite, and wisdom is the thing
that helps us pay less bucks for a much bigger bang
so I live love listen and get down
be me, strive to be free, be around
knee deep in mire and muck, crawling the ground
being lost and helping the lost become found
yes ya'll I grab the mic and put it on
and my on, pays off and ya'll pay attention
curious antennas raise up and give a listen
folks nod they head and scream back their affirmations
and right now in communion, we fear none
connected by vibrations on top of ear drums
....*mouth drumming* that's how it's tapping ya'll
it's all unwrapping ya'll, that's what's happening ya'll... right now


a lotta rappers in this game ain't seeing me
listen close and you'll see what I mean
but it's not about that so I'll just let it be
i'm the same man on stage as I am behind the scenes
keep it low key if need be, whatever's most effective
weather or not I get respected
this world is hectic and divided up in sections
that's why neighbors feel disconnected
we get so busy with our J-O-Bs
and the process of life, is working while we sleep
death is working to and gets paid commission
money hungry, wants to see us all stop livin'
i'm not giving in, I know this life is infinite
so I could never act like my time is insignificant
what we need is a brand new perspective
and our reception, comes from the heart (antenna)