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Braille - Everything Changed
(from the album Box of Rhymes)
© copyright 2006

If thereís darkness, in my heart, please reveal it
If Iím blind, to your truth, help me see it
If Iím numb, to your love, help me feel it
And never loose the feeling, never forget when
Everything changed

Everlasting, visions of passion
Never passing like seasons that change
Weather changes, we weather the storm
Born in sin, but now transformed
Sometimes I want a taste of this world
But I know I canít stomach the repercussions
Disappointing God, loosing what he has for me
Ruining my life and pretending Iím happy
Not understanding the self destruction
And corruption consuming my heart
I asked Got to take it away
And then ďeverything changedĒ


Fabrication, is now in fashion
And itís captured our fascination
An idol nation, headed for annihilation
I was awakened before my life was taken
My cell block, it was myself
Now I celebrate the day I escaped
I was battling with pride and hate
But now everything changed

Iím penny wise with bread loaves and fishes
God multiplies through divine provision
Iím not chasing after clothes and riches
The greatest thing Iíve received is forgiveness
Itís not replaceable, I canít contain the praises
Seek first the kingdom and everything changes
We face struggles that canít be controlled
Can a man remain positive while stuck in a hole?
Yesterdays mistakes are todays excuses
Procrastination, making us feel useless
I didnít come this far on my own strength
Trying to hold this weight could make my bones break
I canít keep my joy locked inside
The throne of my heart is now occupied
Jesus is my rock and Iíll never be the same
Since he came now everything changed


Never forget when everything changed
Never forget when everything changed
Never forget when everything changed
Everything changed