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Braille - Survival Movement
(from the album Box of Rhymes)
© copyright 2006

Iím breaking out the box and making tunes
To boom in it, so give me room to spit it
I need a 12 inch radius
while Iím making records - And rock shows in a stadium
Iím the opening act, one MC
pour out my energy until Iím empty
Collapse back stage with a sweaty shirt
take a drink and then I start selling merch
another day of work, and itís worth every moment
Iím trying make that powerful impact
Iím not a super hero but these super sonic
Frequencies supersede unforeseen circumstances
What happens when your tour van breaks down?
We take the greyhound bus to the next spot
Sleeping on floors, itís no thing
When your doing what you love, thereís no stopping it

Wake up, wake up, we got another show
Gotta hit the road and put it on
Gotta let 'em know how we survive
Through the huricanes and the storms
Wake up, wake up, we got another show
Gotta hit the road and put it on
Gotta let 'em know how we survive
Survival, keep it moving

Ay yo I bring it on tracks, bring it back
to the fundamental elements of lyricism
My style is a mix of lyrics and wisdom
I often shock people with my appearance
Back in high school I tried to play the part
Had baggy jeans on but now itís in my heart
So these artistic expressions
represent my appreciation for the culture
But on a deeper level, beyond the beats and rhymes
I got a passion that I canít keep inside
I gotta let it out, no matter the outcome
Let it pour out of me like a fountain
I get insecure and start doubting
Intimidated by hills, already concurred mountains
So I donít regret being who I am
I gotta stay original and gotta take a stand


I got survival methods and tactics
Master techniques, preach what I practice
Disciplinary visionary with extra
Ordinary effort exerted on the instruments
Exceed expectations of excellence
To exorcise economic stability and shine
Infinite light to see the path that weíre walking on
I tell em keep on, tell em keep rocking on
I hit the road on a solo mission, perform for thousands
And rock a shows in some houses
Every opportunity is priceless
obedience is better then sacrifices