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Braille - Box of Rhymes
(from the album Box of Rhymes)
© copyright 2006

I got a box of rhyme pages
It's the box of rhyme pages
Rock solid, rock solid
Rocking for the rock of ages

I got rhymes by the fist-full, I don't throw uppercuts
this is underground, upper class, now turn it up
turn the party out when I speak what's inside
put your hands up like your reaching for the sky
shine like a disco-ball when I reflect light
divine insight, cash checks when I check mics
you might of heard my rap name on the grapevine
shaking of the scene like 808s and basslines
I got punchlines, attack with the left cross
I never left the cross behind so stop frontin'
i'm the front man, it's time to meet the band
keep my flow tight like the pants on Peter Pan
no weakness, i'm strong with either hand
I got a right hook to make your teeth cave in
put the hook on the line when I'm fishin'
for souls, and it's written on scrolls so come and get it

I got a box of rhyme pages
It's the box of rhyme pages
Rock solid, rock solid
Rocking for the rock of ages

I can rip the track without getting violent
if you got nothing to say then stay silent
a lotta rappers can't spit, they got dry lips
you can't buy respect in this game son, it's priceless
living water, try this, it might refresh ya
help you cope with the pressure or press on
i'll be rapping till I go bald like uncle fester
wearing golf pants and gotta super glue my dentures
yeah, it's the box of rhyme pages
I design rhymes to spread love contagious
braille brizzy, i'm a natural born American
screaming on tracks like the lead singer from Aerosmith
so hear this, here it is, here I come
and I'll be doing this fun when my career is done
turning up my headphones till my ear is numb
I fear God, besides him I fear none


Braille brizzy, and I'm back
I rip the track like expired contracts
I contact the author of life, give him props
offer a sacrifice of worship when I rock
adrenaline, rushing but it's never in vein
on tracks I catch wreck like a run away train
never take away, another mans breath of life
I got to much respect for life
God givin', I'm speaking life dead serious
rocking the crowd like never before period
writing rhymes is a daily operation
my passion, my hobby and my occupation