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Liphe - Dangerous Melody
(from the album Raw Emotion)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1:
I rhyme classic and bust more clips then cinematic/
Pulling chicks who spit magic and blow blunts to ashes/
Bury beef and put heat deep inside of your casket/
Just to prove stepping up to me was utter madness/
Any tough talk these guys say is insignificant/
I'm killing it even peeps with no hands is feeling it/
Half of these lames should've never been on a label/
I'm bout to set the record straight like turntable/
Your story's a fable if your thug gin then the game played you/
It's no need to hate, but your more sweeter then maple/
They say hip-hop is dead I took a second a to think/
Over the sounds of rounds while I知 this sipping this drink/
A old man approached me and he begin to speak slowly/
Told me play this record and proceed to speak boldly/
Said words that my heart was inclined to say/
So I知 asking what happened to good beats and real rapping/
Beneath the steel clapping I feel there痴 no passion/
Everybody listening knows I知 spitting the truth/
Since when was rapping about chicken noodle soup? /
Understand I知 not trying to hear that garbage/
So I say F the trends that these heads want to market/
Yeah I love the cash but the ill beats control me/
And I don't care if y誕ll got me cause I let hip-hop hold me/
If you really love hip-hop then prove it and show.

You gotta be a dope emcee to rock this mic/
And what痴 your name (young tech)
Well is you ready to bless/
Of course my man I came spit the flow and wreck/
Bout to show rap game that I'm one of the best.

Verse 2:
I'm in the streets conversating and politicking with chicks/
I知 ahead of my time my grind was born with knowledge and hits/
And everybody really be seeing I知 really rapping this raw/
Dabbing in brawls through blows while I'm smacking your jaw/
Attacks and assault got you stopping and backing it off/
Thought you was hard dun but sun your tracking a lost/
See my cobolition be up on beats boaconstrictin/
Said to be weak now I bring heat and keep ripping/
While you keep dipping I be in the streets heat pitching/
Throwing flames at any heads who said they ill/
If words could kill then my thoughts alone may kill/
Picture for a second question who wants the drama/
Word to your momma Tech drops the bang like a Uni bomba/
Meditating on beats with techniques to flow stronger/
learned to be your own man so out of respect/
I walk my own path and never try to walk where you step/
Young tech on of the best with the style finesse/
I hear the tambourines hit so I知 ready to bless/
Say this kids off the meter flows like animal/
Me with a dope beat is like Jay-dee with a sample/
Cool out I just go and flow from the heart/
Nowadays I hear young rappers claiming they real?/
Y誕ll need to be real and I don't mean cypress hill/
I don't need a gimick fam I rely on the truth.