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Tech Omega - Lifely Struggle
(from the album Raw Emotion)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1:
I write with the summers heat, but my presence is cold as ice/
Battle wise I show and grow if you want to roll to fight/
Cats know the flow is back son had to show the light/
Time grows with pain I feel things that make me older right/
Tried to keep my life right, but I'm not the sober type/
All I know is how to hold a knife and roll the dice/
My shorty looking like dang "I thought I told you twice?"/
It takes time to change I work and grind over nights/
I feel the worlds on my back like a boulder right/
So it's only right to pray to Christ just to show me light/
In spite of life I keep it moving like a loaded gun/
It's only one chance at fame I can't blow it son!/
The day I get popped I'm more likely to stop/
Cause like me or not fam I'm more likely to rock/
Naw! Son better yet I'm more likely to drop/
These! Raps and tracks that will write me as hot.

I need a moment to breath can I live my life/
A moment of peace on beats while I spit my life/
Most talk about life but never walk in my life/
’Cause its to hard to play a part in my life/

Verse 2:
I had to bring it hard n this track cause I’m back on my grind/
I got chicks with my lips back on they mind/
I'm scrapping hard as if my life’s back on the line/
I got robbed once I thought son would spark the nine/
Another fake clip dang! must I take this hatred/
Can't y’all just pardon me a bit of some space kid/
Much Like the earth and son until this verse is done/
Seen friends turn jealous first smile then hate/
God told the world step back! let the child embrace/
This hate so it'll motivate a much better a fate/
I struggle hard with a flow and a better presence/
Rappers talk beef, but they better on and stepping/
My fam taught me beef in the world of hard knocks/
What you know about getting hate from hard cops/
Asleep in cold streets or behind bars and locks/
Sorry if I took it this far but it's to hard to stop.