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Tunnel Rats - Broken Life

Chorus: As the tides turn, we carry our cross tossed in the eye of the storm,
broken life.

Enter invisible splinter from the wood in the shape of a loss for a gain, a
cross for a rain hood, covers head filled with answers of anvil, wait while
worlds of questions is at a stand still, pockets full of lint, not one red
cent for the misfit trendyÖ and severed existence, in reason blimps through
the only absolute known as Christ, I bear my cross in hopes to lead a broken
life, doiní exhibitions with the electric emissions with the future tense past
due, payment is driven down a street thatís narrow one way, with the light at
the corner odd way, while the cross street is Broadway, troubled by the many
for the penny but coins can procure a way out in the dead in rolls, see the
signal, itís red for stop and ponder, the lambís blood shed engraved to sop
the head, thus my desires to light a fire in the night to be chosen as a
shining token of the broken life.


Redbonz- my eyes are open, stariní at the ceiling, should be sleepiní but my
mind wanders and ponders about my life thatís broken, fall aground penetrated
by the greatest being demonstrated by his death, which gave me life, sight
enlighted by the essence of bright, so Iím going to dwell in his presence with
a peaceful sleep tonight, as the sun rises to another day smothering my pride
deep into the bottomless pit of hate, innovation and creation always consumed
my thoughts, even though that all I have has already been bought, with a price
without manipulation, dispurity as a patient to the most high, on the cross he
spilled the holy red cells that penetrates myself without the wealth, you know
I donít need it, I stand as a broken man alone on the crest of originalities
soon coming to no one but Emmanuel, and he will hand you all the manual of
life, so I persevere with no fear in the eye of the storm, broken life.

Ajax- disposition slain, style obscure a barren errant when perceived, my
persecution is inherent hear a disarray appearance slip-shot, hip-hopÖ on toÖ
on the dodge, heretics manifest the gift, a mirage of sabotage on a tangent,
oddball, poet drama trangent, transmit the misfit image envelope push on the
scope of broken life peace do cease, never lost in the out land foundations,
hard times, bad luck, stuck in quicksand, rising, dying, eyeing property
peculiar motivations sense, monetary loss with no thought of recompense, chalk
outlines surround my pockets, proceed cautious and courageous, symptoms of the
broken are contagious, age is no factor, bin of factors of disaster is what we
have to be, the afterlife forever in our destiny.