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Dynamics - All Day
(from the album Comfortable Misery)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1:
Iím living check to check, ainít no money in my savings account/
And if you cash a check on Thursday you know its gone bounce/
Amounts on my credit cards at an all time high/
And discount out less thatís the only way I stay fly/
Just found out my jobís cutting back on overtime/
So now I find myself in even a bigger bind/
Budget is outlined and manage my spending habits/
But the new Jordans just came out and I just got to have it/
So now Iím even deeper in debt/
My materialistic mindstate got me full of regrets/
Think about balls of loot from my man Malek/
But it seems like when I need something is the only time that we speak/
And I donít get paid for another two weeks/
Iím thinking for myself Iím gonna make ends meet/
I guess lifeís like that, take the bitter with the sweet/
Iíll worry about this shit tomorrow Iím about to get me some sleep.

All day on the internet my life ainít shit/
Spend all the loot that I get on pretty light skinned chicks/
The others are still grinding on exclusive kicks/
I now itís ridiculous but Iím living like this.

Verse 2:
Five dollars in my gas ainít enough to get to work/
Let the collection plate pass when I go to church/
Got home checked my mail seen that stress is endless/
Got my cell bill saying I went over my monthly minutes/
Finished the last bit of milk in the fridge/
Knowing this really ainít the way I wanna live/
Give myself time to think options to explore/
House is a mess havenít had time to do chores/
What more bad news could I have in store/
Got three or four delinquent items on my credit score/
I gotta let my mind drift think of something else/
Go to a nice club to enjoy myself/
Even if itís for an hour got to escape this hell/
And its 5 bucks if I pull in the spot before 12/
Looked at my clock its 11:45/
By the time Iím getting there it will be 20 to get inside.


Verse 3:
The events of my life so aggravating/
Even worse by my own procrastination/
(Son it ainít that bad) son you kidding me/
High school ainít teach you about financial literacy/
No four one k or overtime plan/
Rep my property so I donít own land/
You got your eyes open but that donít mean that you conscious/
Itís the new form of slavery thatís based on economics/
I donít live in a democracy, I live in a domestic corporate monopoly/
Where Blacks and Latinos be living in poverty/
Obviously you ainít got your eyes open/
Iím steady scoping trying to get my mind hoping/
Going through the motions ainít helping yourself/
So you need to think about what youíre rhyming about