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timothy brindle - the Battle
(from the album Killing Sin)
© copyright Lampmode

“The Battle- ‘sin’ vs. Christian”
Written by timothy brindle as “Christian”, feat. shai linne as “sin”, and R-Swift as “the Announcer”

Because of me the creation groans/
I’ve taken the throne/
Humans are a race of drones/
Slaves that I own/
I’ve caused the fall of two races/
Angels and humans- to mangle’s my blueprint/
You all have blue faces/
I take a breath- you can’t withstand/
The strength of my swift hand/
And quicksand- death is my hit man/
And history is coming out the pages/
Through out the ages/
I left y’all pouting in cages/
Who can doubt my wages? /
The basics- we know well/
People fell/
If I did not exist- there would be no hell/
No jail or prison/
Large scale division/
Stale religion/
Sales of ism/
Wailing Christians/
Disease, gossip, homicide, evil policies/
Deceit, malice, folly, pride- breed idolatry/
Homosexuality, sexual immorality/
Impurity, rivalry, sorcery, sensuality/
And that’s just a small list/
I caused all this/
The moral is there’s no morals- I make you live lawless/
I’m stronger than the devil/
Legions of steaming screaming demons don’t even belong on my level/
Ruin the test/
I keep you under stress/
Non can rest/
Without me the wrath of God is left unexpressed/
I methodize my madness/
Yet you frequently indecently sleep on me- recognize my status! //

The word of God be my machete/
You talk a whole lot of smack for be defeated already/
Think you got maneuvers? /
You already lost at the cross and I don’t talk to losers/
You lost when your cost was paid/
Since Christ rose and walked away- I am not your slave/
Unlike unbelievers- I’m a lot different/
I’m empowered by the Spirit who’s omnipotent/
So any hour you’ll be through/
You’re stronger than Satan, but the Spirit’s more powerful than you/
‘Cause Christ is in me- Jesus son/
It’s like you’re fighting a rocket launcher with a BB gun/
Forget heat I’m a scripture packer/
So I fight with nuclear bombs you’re a whipper-snapper/
The servants of that- are murder and death/
I’m a Christian who’s into killing the works of the flesh/
Call it killing for a righteous cause/
You don’t reign on my body dawg/
Christ is boss/
Think I’m nice and soft like a cloth? /
But if you near make my hand sin- I’ll slice it off/
To hack and sever nerves/
You’re infinitely disgusting for lack of better words/
Worse than backwash of sasquatch/
You’re uglier than Jason Voorhees with his mask off//

Round 2:

I was sin’s slave as a child/
But now that I’m saved it’s like there’s tape on his mouth/
Your lust is raunchy/
You stink like musty laundry/
Christ took my guilt so you got nothing on me/
Sin it’s you who I despise and loathe/
More than a slimy toad or a grimy mold/
My eyes behold how you’re a giant load/
Of something I’d find inside my commode//

Appreciate the compliment- thank you kindly/
You claim to hate me rightly/
Yet you date me nightly/
Rookie you’re my slave/
If I stink I guess I smell like your corpse after I pushed you in your grave/
Why you wanna’ grab mics? /
When you lack might/
Oh that’s right/
By the way where were you last night? /
Got to hand it to you brother/
You actually battling me- I got other Christian mc’s battling each other//

Round 2 Bonus:

Sin stop it with the lies/
Where was I last night? – I was in the Spirit plotting your demise/
With a tougher nature/
I’m a’ suffocate you/
Plus I hate you/
You’re nothing since the Father crushed the Savior/
Took me in my tombstone/
But that’s a favor to me because I’ll be in heaven- my true home! /
You plan to tempt me/
But your scam is empty/
Because even if I do fall you can’t condemn MeEeEeEeE//

That’s real and true/
But what are you willing to do? /
Because if you ain’t killing me- then I must be killing you/
And that’s apparent clown/
The other day this guy was sinning in the very shorts that he’s wearing now/
I’m closer to you than black people and melanin/
I crush you like the bones you find in gelatin/
So you can yell and grin/
Just tell them when you fell again/
“Sin” fella’ indwelling tim like a skeleton//

Round 3:

The funny thing about this battle is even if you win/
I’ll make you get prideful and lead you into sin- again/
The statements you make are paper thin/
I’m greater than- even your “Great Awakening”/
Your quick with the chatter/
I’m tickled with laughter/
The church is slipping faster/
I’m crippling pastors/
Because I’m sin I slay rivals/
You’ll defeat me after the Clippers win an NBA title//

Sin your pathetic dude/
I’m having trouble hearing what you say- oh! Because I’m dead to you/
So I don’t have to listen all that trash your spitting/
Because I know all your tricks like you’re bad magician/
The joy you give is a fake dud/
After tasting Christ you don’t satisfy my taste buds/
So please would you break out/
Because I’m not hungry for you like vegans in a steak house/
This liar is easy to beat/
I’m way more attracted to Christ- you’re no longer pleasing to me/
You’re trife and ugly/
But Christ is lovely/
Not to mention His righteous life covers me/
This scum should beat it/
Fighting me is like fighting Christ- who’s undefeated/
You’re still talking but you’re dead/
Bring the word of God- my sword- off with your head! //