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Tech Omega - Ay Yo
(from the album Raw Emotion)
© copyright 2007, Liphe Records

Verse 1:
Your girl pulled down your pants and thought really yo/
Shouldn't there B-More like Maryland's favorite city though/
You ain't nice there痴 no need to tell me/
Cause you wouldn't have a sick tape if you was R-Kelly/
I spit fire I知 known to blow the speaker/
And my shots burn you up like Mya with a fever/
I don't talk much unless the chick is very hot/
But when I do my voice alone could blow a cherry spot/
I知 on my grind catch me on the mic spitting/
I could run on ice twice and still wouldn't be slipping/
For any one thinking I知 falling take the peek/
I知 like heart monitors I知 always on the beat/
Might catch me day dreaming but I知 far from asleep/
Like I知 getting good sex and I知 ready to skeet/
Young tech one of the best with the chicks you wanna meet/
I call your chick Halloween cause that tricks a treat.

And we go AYE YO!lemme spit that flow/
And we go AYE YO! is you feeling it yo/
And we go AYE YO! lemme see that doe/
Cause time is money and money said he ready to roll/

Verse 2:
My divas be the type b that resemble the wifey/
Your chicks feel I知 sweet and slick they love to bite me/
Brothers get jealous I知 like go ahead and try to fight me/
Your light food I eat you and take the sh*t lightly/
Say I知 a good match then rap and ignite me/
And get hit with more clips then movies from Spike Lee/
I gave the game a listen son it's mad phony/
It's more played out then pumas and sacony/
I got a vision on this joint ready to bless/
My sights on point like that dude from Virginia Tech/
I feel like mental patient I知 strapped to death/
Gun tracks down with rap sounds clapping my best/
But we don't be meaning applause we letting the shotty blow/
Your like a tire on the hill cause your probably roll/
I知a sucker for them boom baps flowing like a savage/
One word to define my style-Classic.