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Soldier the Brainchyld - Inspirational Thoughts
(from the album The Eternal Passion)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1: Tech Omega
I slid down the lonely road where school wasnít an option/
See, I learned to get papes Ďcause jakes hate to see us clocking/
My peoples fell victim to AIDS thought it was love/
Others turned to clubs sipping sud and smoking the bud/
Once had a dream to see my people strive and make it/
But tomorrow isnít promised so we stay incarcerated/
Girls ask Christ where can life possibly take me/
Since the fact R-Kelly tried to tape and rape me/
Wonder for a second see the peeps had played me/
Friends think they had me never did help or save me/
From breaks and mistakes that be hurting me daily/
I chose to never let these tears chase and take me/
ĎCause worldly violence and these drugs took too much/
Elders taught us better read books and took this up/
So the world can hear my heartbeat speak this through/
I am the world the world is me so we are the people.

I took a second to think while I wrote this rhyme/
I took a minute to pause while I search and find/
A moment of peace for those who were killed and slain/
A moment to think for those who were lost in vain.

Verse 2: Soldier the Brainchyld
To travel the narrow path when Iím walking in faith/
They say life is what you make it so Iím finding my place/
Dive in Living Water and give you a path to follow/
Serve emcees food for thought Ďcause my flowís too hard to swallow/
Meditate on the Word to preach my life to the globe/
And keep my eyes on the prize when Iím spitting the soul/
Shown up on the mic while most were hitting the dro/
Suck the sky into my lungs like Iím living the flow/
Iím not concerned with triggers itching to blow/
ĎCause I set my sights on the Savior who lifted my soul/
Young rappers in the media mistake rhymes for art/
I want to play my part in the movement like Rosa Parks/
Serve Christ fervently, to preach the gospel is the mission/
My styleís more complex than Socrates yet simpler than division/
I make songs to give the streets a pivotal picture/
ĎCause Iím kicking more verses than the Biblical Scriptures.


Verse 3: Soldier the Brainchyld
While you were searching for the spotlight, trying to rock mics/
I speak my peace to the streets and I drop a price/
Gaze towards the Son to see the truth in His face/
Feast on the Bread of Life so my soul can see the riches of His grace/
Spit life on the mic to take the gospel to the streets/
Glue my eyes to the cross, touch the face of the Prince of Peace/
Hold fast to the truth, plant my feet on the Word of Life/
Punch a hole in time to see the face of Jesus Christ/
So I speak whatís real in the form of this type of black sight/
While you hit the crack pipes, I bleed rhymes on this type of black mic/
I catch sight of my dreams and state that fact/
Release my train of thought through this type of black track/
Soldier and Tech, we spit the soul with this type of rhyme/
Feel the message move and let it renew your mind/
Drop knowledge to the track so I can speak that art/
And put a beat to your heart when Iím kicking that fact.