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TRUTH, Da - Who Am I?
(from the album Open Book)
© copyright 2007, Emanuel Lambert, Jr., Courtney Peebles

Verse 1
If the Bible was re-written and the writers put me in it I wonder how my life would read./Would the people
that have heard of me-read just to learn of me-be turned away by what they see?/Or, would they slump
in their sofas blown away and sober by my life then come to believe?/Or, would they do a once over read
the pages of my life and once it’s over close the book and say "that’s not how I want to be?"
Well, that’s a sad commentary-when I’m buried I know the public will see/But I pray that they remember
me for walking in integrity-being what God called me to be/And if I leave an impression-man I hope
that I impress them with a life that was clean and free/And I pray that it’s not embarrassing when they
read my narrative once I finally do leave

Who Am I? Am I more like Cain-full of hatred till my brother is slain?
Who Am I? Or, am I more like Jezebel-sexual in all my ways? Think about it!
Who Am I? Am I more like Mary-pure and holy till I lay in the grave?
Who Am I? Or am I more like Abel-able to please God with my ways? Think about it! Who am I?

Verse 2
If the Bible was re-written and the writers put me in it what would they say about my private life?
Would they say that my commitment to the ministry was strong but that I never spent time with my
wife?/What would they say about my character? Would they say I was arrogant-an American full of
myself?/How would they write about my parenting? Would they say while traveling I put my children up
on the shelf?
Would it be positive or negative if everything I ever did was jotted down and read by all?/I ain’t just
talking about the stuff that you can see out on the surface but the stuff that was done in the dark./Now, if
the walls could talk when the door is locked, would they say that I was off the chain?/Or, would it be the
complete opposite? Would they say my public and my private life were all the same?


Verse 3
If the Bible was re-written and the writers put me in it, who would they say that I resemble the
most?/Would it be Joseph or Samson? Both of them handsome-only one of them was a symbol of
hope./Or, would I be listed among the greats-mentioned among the saints in the hall of faith?/Or, perhaps
be scripted as one of the base like the prodigal-a product of my own mistakes?
Now, I know that it’s not possible./But if the book was re-written man I wonder how my life would
read./From two years old to my funeral, would I fail or would I succeed?/‘Cause when they write my
biography what they record about the life and times of Manny means a lot to me./Cause in the story that I
leave them-I am either God’s leader or a picture of what not to be.