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TRUTH, Da - That Great Day
(from the album Open Book)
© copyright 2007, Emanuel Lambert, Jr., Tye Tribbett, Courtney Peebles

Verse 1
Take my riches-take my fame
Take the microphone-take the stage
Take my glory-take my name
Take, take, take, take, take it away
Suffer now-later we’ll reign
And that applies to the saints that went against the grain
Life is hard but amidst the pain
You know the saints fight hard, we anticipate
That great day
When God applauds there’ll be no remorse and no shame
Everything you thought you lost, you’ll regain
And you’ll get rewards because you behaved
Let me make it plain
All of the faithful saints will get paid
To prove your commitment to God is not vain
Then we’ll get to enter the joy of our King

When I see His face
Not worried bout the things He’ll say
I’ll get my reward
I know I kept the faith
And now I see the Christ my King
And He is my reward

Verse 2
No, no, no this ain’t home
Keep your platinum, keep your gold
Keep your black card and your Patron
None of that matters when I’m gone
And I’m at His throne
Silver, gold and precious stones
Was I faithful? Was my goal
Yahweh’s glory or my own?
Actors act for a Golden Globe®
Rappers rap for award shows
Platinum plaques and pure gold
Our reward is Christ alone-Christ alone
When I say so long
The finale is finally-I’ll be home
My work and its quality will be shown
Eternally, Christ the King will be known


Spoken Word Interlude
Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial
For when he has stood the test
He will receive the crown of life
Which God has promised those who love Him
And when the Chief Shepherd appears
You will receive the unfading crown of glory
Now, every athlete exercises self control in all things
And they do this to receive a perishable wreath
But we-a crown imperishable
Hence forth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness
Which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will reward to me
In That Great Day