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TRUTH, Da - I Need You
(from the album Open Book)
© copyright 2007, Emanuel Lambert, Jr., Israel Bell

Verse 1
Every body wanna piece of pie/ they want that satisfaction/ They wanted it guaranteed homie/ Wanna
wear that glamorous fashion/ hand print in the hall of fame wanna little bit Grammy action/ Wanna walk
that carpet man wanna hear those cameras flashing/ gotta get that ice, that grill, that caddy homie/ He got
the nicest girl call him daddy but dag he lonely/ but he look happy don’t he, dude is a superstar/ he’s out of
that shabby clothing he’s in a supped up car/ He’s riding 26’s but oh his soul is lean/ Like he’s behind in
taxes but he got that shoulder lean/ His land is barren he’s bearing guilt and the skies are grey/ And he’s
unfulfilled ‘til he tilts his head up to the sky and say

Fa-ther O how I need you/ I can’t do it on my own/ I need to see you/ So now I see you/ You’re the only one
who saves/ The one who heals/ I need you more now than then/ Lord I really need you need you (2x)

Verse 2
Now unto Him who is able to keep us all from falling/ I know its hard when the alcoholics and all are
balling/ want to find a hole to crawl in/ Especially in spring or summer/ When even the wanksta’s and
gangsta’s they seem to come up/ But I gotta be faithful my generation’s depending on me/ It’ll be
disgraceful to them if I fall like pins in bowling/ And I got disciples and wife who watches my every step/
With a mind like memory chips they hold onto what he says/ And he is I see I need you gotta practice what
I preach/ I can’t just talk a good game no I gotta actually be/ You know your man is weak but Jesus Christ
is strong/ So I plant my feet on a solid rock and I sing this song


Father we get tired we need rest for our weary souls/ ‘Til we get very old and we’re buried in a whole/ I’m
carrying a load feel like a cargo train/ Sometimes I feel like Asaph homie when I almost faint/ And I pray
for the carnal saints please help their unbelief/ And I pray for the hypocrite father reveal what’s
underneath/ Yes and Satan’s under feet and the savior’s undefeated/ We will persevere to the end until then
your sons are sayin’