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TRUTH, Da - Fig Tree
(from the album Open Book)
© copyright 2007, Emanuel Lambert, Jr., David Lee Arrington

Verse 1
Say I walk with Jesus walking in my freedom/ Talking like a leader every time the weeks up/ kicked back
with my feet up/ Laid out on my beach chair/ It’s ok to ease up/Little time for leisure/ I’m enjoying life but/
If I get to cozy/ I’ll blow out my light bulb/ Then the world won’t see/ Trampled under cold feet/ Then I’m
good for nothing but/ rapping over cold beats/ Man there goes another one/ Holy when I’m on stage/ Man
that’s just a cover up/ Carnal when I’m off stage/ Looking out for number one/ Trying to make friends with
the A list/ Becoming preoccupied with the paychecks/ Sort of like I play chess/ Caught up in the matrix/
Had a bigger heart when I was working down at Payless/ Now I get bored reading/ Rather make record
deals/ Sit up in a board meeting/ Talk about record sales/ Now I wanna tour to keep/ Money on my credit
cards/ if I lose focus of Jesus then I’m better off/ Being cursed, I don’t think that we alert/ When we only
read the verses and the word when we in church/ But that’s the gospel industry/ traveling that cold trail/
What happened to the ministry/ Man its getting so stale/ Recycling the same song for fear that it won’t
sale/ Therefore we won’t tell a sinner that they’ll go to hell/ Go into the work shops/ creeping in the hotels/
(Shh) if you don’t say a word then I won’t tell/ The fruit of King James’ indiscretions grow still/ Covered up
in fig trees/ Then I’m just a fig tree