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Christ Centric - Amazing Grace
(from the album The Reformation)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
In this harvest a new heart is the crop we should reap/
That’s a gift that the Good Shepherd’s got for His sheep/
And He promised to keep all of them in His fold/
And His grace is sweater than a cinnamon roll/
In Your plan Jesus had died/
For those You predestined called and justified/
Shed tears for His sheep, said a prayer for His sheep/
That’s deep ‘cause it showed the shepherd cared for His sheep/
I know that death nor life or weapons great/
Neither depth nor height can separate/
From the love of God displayed in Christ/
The sacrifice that paid the price/
And gave us life when we were dead in sin/
By Your stripes you healed us like medicine/
Let us praise your grace yet again/
Because at heavens gates You’ll let us in!

You have given me amazing grace/
I don’t even deserve it no, I can’t earn it on my own/
I’m thankful for Your love, that You came down from above/
A wretched man I am, yet You took my place, Took my place

Verse 2:
We were enemies but owur will to your Son was dragged/
So we won’t be the one to brag/
You enabled me to ask in repentance/
And gave me life like a judge passing a sentence/
Conviction from the Lord causes you to repent/
Born of the will of God not human descent/
If you’re born of God’s will you know that you’ve been saved/
Not born of your own will that’s totally depraved/
‘Cause it’s only by your will we get new birth in here/
If it was up to our will we wouldn’t persevere/
But you sealed us and promised to never leave us/
You’ll receive us as believers in Jesus/
Can’t be plucked out His hands I’m loving this truth/
That comforts me like the hands of a masseuse/
God’s sovereignty is keeping me/
Behind the scenes like extra footage on the DVD!


Verse 3:
Now as His child when we sin He might discipline/
But His grace doesn’t tire like Michelin/
‘Cause if Christ is within/
You won’t live like eternally secure is a license to sin/
When you fall still repent, diligently seek His face/
A heart that don’t cheapen grace/
So we can taste and see that He’s good/
He easily could’ve sent us to hell that’s the reason we should/
Not famine, nakedness peril or sword/
Can separate us from the love of the Lord/
He’s been so good to me I give God thanks/
That on the last day I won’t be castaway like Tom Hanks/
‘Cause God blanked His rage on the wage of sin/
The Son truly, made slaves to Him/
Unruly the glorious victory You give/
Ensuring our faith won’t split like the Notorious Big/
In the mater’s eyes our sins cast aside/
‘Cause Christ did all the work like the Classifieds/
Gaining mercy for the sins that curse me/
Lord I’m unworthy, to You I bow like a curtsy!