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Christ Centric - Salvation
(from the album Mind of Christ)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1a: Apologist
Salvation for those who face condemnation/
On the way to Gehenna, eternal separation/
Regeneration, by the Spirit of the Lord, an invitation/
Pick up and read His Word! A dope relation/
Between creature and Creator, communication/
Versus damnation is much greater/
You want to ask me “what do I have to do?”/
Just believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for you/
He gave His life so we can live with Him/
The final sacrifice atoner of your sins/
Born in Bethlehem, died in Jerusalem/
He came from the realm of heaven to dwell with men…

Verse 1b: Evangel/
Width, depth, height/
None of that can separate me from the love of Christ/
That’s right—The Messiah, liver than a livewire/
Purer than gold tried by fire, there’s none higher/
Higher than the ladder of Jacob/
Sleeping on Christ? You better wake up/
Take up your cross and follow Him/
You make that choice you’ll be as wise as Solomon/
Faced with cutting a baby in half/
Thought it’s funny? Maybe you laughed/
But you won’t when you’re facing the wrath/
When He separates the wheat from the chaff/
Failing to recognize that for us Christ stuck out His neck like a giraffe.

To all the killers, emcees and drug dealers/
The college students who think we came from gorillas/
We preach foolishness Christ our foundation/
To those who believe it’s the power of salvation/
2000 years ago He came to planet earth/
To save the lost sheep through giving a new birth/
A new heart, new start and foundation/
To those who believe it’s the power of salvation.

Verse 2a: Apologist
The Rock of ages, King of Kings, Lord of Lords/
The Alpha and Omega, out of His mouth comes a sword/
He’s at the door knocking and if you hear/
And let Him in, He’ll come near to crush your fears/
And to save you from eternal punishment/
Prepared for the devil and his angels at the judgment/
You’ve been warned by the Son that was born in a manger/
To save you from the danger of the coming storm/
God the Son came in the flesh to restore a relation/
Between God and His creation/
A holy nation, before we must appear/
So he that has an ear let him hear…

Verse 2b: Evangel
Are we worth it to kill the one that don’t deserve it/
The one that’s perfect and the one that deserves our worship/
Give props to the Yehoshua, some say Yeshua/
Means Jehovah saves us from being spit out like tua/
Manure, dunghill, our sins got the Son killed/
Not your ordinary run of the mill/
Worth more than one zill plus all banks/
I give thanks to the one who brought redemption just like the Shawshank/
Believe in Jesus Christ don’t believe the hype/
That claims all religion’s the same, believe in either type/
So I came to squeeze the mic tight enough to give you a grip of the truth/
And produce fruit that seize the light.


Verse 3a: Apologist
Yo, I am god, is what many of you claim/
A statement like that will get you right in hell’s flame/
And if you’re god, then make it simple and plain/
Take your own life then bring it up again/
Make the clouds rain, stop a speeding train/
Take away all pain, heal the blind and lame/
There’s only one Lord who shines like a pearl/
The Lamb of God who takes the sins of the world/
He fulfilled every prophecy, Isaiah 53/
Pierced for our transgressions and our iniquities/
How can it be? That He died for you and me/
The love of God was poured out for all eternity…

Verse 3b: Evangel
You want to be a player? You lost this game/
Coming out shorter than Tattoo screaming “the plane, boss, the plane!”/
Ain’t no Fantasy Island, stop smiling/
You’re headed to dwell in hell because of sin’s defiling/
If you don’t want to give the reverence to Christ/
To be précised you’re enticed by the pleasures of life/
Living trife in my sight is what I see man doing/
See the human error of your way leads to ruin/
Big trouble, man has a struggle—A war within/
All because of Adam’s apple, or sin’s origin/
But Christ placed in my heart a new song, shall we move on/
And spread God’s Word like Grey Poupon!