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Christ Centric - Surrender
(from the album City of God)
© copyright 2006

Sinners your righteousness is like rags/
Surrender to Christ and raise the white flag/
‘Cause He smashed the beef on Him cast belief/
Or in Gehenna your life will pay the price tag

Verse 1: Israel
God is Holy—He demands we reflect His glory/
We abandon His method—sick like Hannibal lector/
Fiends for feeding our flesh—evil even in death/
There’s a thing we need to address/
Not our need for success but the God we seem to contest/
He’s not at ease or at rest—He always sees and inspects/
And He parts the sea with His breath/
He caused disease to arrest—He pardoned me with His death/
A God we need to respect/
Fall on your knees and confess/
He’s already seen the effects of all your deeds of the flesh/
Resisting His name is simply insane/
All those who do stand against Him in vain/
Indominable and sovereign/
Admonishing foes ‘cause God is enrobed in prominence/
We don’t even know what time it is/
If we walk to His throne like we walked in the home of commoners/
He don’t need us we got nothing to offer/
That goes for the heathens and the suffering martyrs/
We can act like He’s sleep and dormant/
Then we forfeit to where there’s gnashing of teeth and torment/
I’d rather receive His pardon and not be discarded/
Like Adam and Eve in the garden/
His wrath for evil’s enormous/
Believe in the chorus none can actually endure it/
The path to freedom’s before us/
Please don’t ignore it—obey the Master and be rewarded.

Verse 2: Apologist
Elohim the supreme who created human beings/
Has redeemed a team, and made them all clean/
By the blood of His Son, and yo, you know the story/
And if you don’t, check the gospel of John and bear the glory/
Of the Word and the flesh full of grace from the Father/
The God who began is going to end this saga/
Of the salvation drama, to save you from the lava/
That’s why we bow down and call the Father Abba/
I must stay humble in this spiritual jungle/
And remain in His name as I watch the world crumble/
The battle is the Lord’s, so I don’t have to rumble/
My soul is in His hands and He will never fumble/
He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High/
Will abide in the shadow of El Shaddai/
That’s why I sing to the King who’s everlasting/
You can’t surpass Him ‘cause you are nothing/
I give praise to the one who entered time and space/
Showed me how to love, even suffered in my place/
By dying on the cross then He rose three days later/
Sat on the right hand and became my mediator/
My life was a mess, full of stress and foolishness/
But Christ gave me the spirit of wisdom I possess/
Nevertheless, I must confess, God came in the flesh/
By His stripes I am healed and blessed with eternal rest!

Verse 3: Evangel
You ain’t getting nothing out of this life/
Running from God like Joseph did from Potiphar’s wife/
We need to stop with these philosophies/
Deceptive Socrates and drop to knees/
‘Cause life is not a game like Monopoly/
You’re going to stand before the Judge trying to cop a plea/
Unless your bought by the blood and God’s property/
If not, that’s His will through His sovereignty/
The stopwatch is ticking, let’s sense it’s urgent/
Some of y’all are talking about a death bed conversion/
Acting like tomorrow’s promised/
You can keep on doubting until you see Christ like Thomas/
His wrath is coming through He’s very patient/
And you couldn’t get off with Johnny Cochran, Matlock and Perry Mason/
I’m talking to the dead like the witch of Endor/
Receive Christ eternal life and all it’s splendor/
The wages of sin is death, and that’s hard data/
Stop rolling with the dark force like Darth Vader/
You couldn’t take a breath without Christ/
Matter of fact you’re in spiritual death without life/
While you’re stepping out nights at clubs/
Remember, while we were yet sinners God commended His love/
I’m here to let you know Christ is it/
Listen, He that has the body part that Mike Tyson bit.