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Christ Centric - Sovereignty
(from the album The Reformation)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Issues, man I got issues/
God gets a bad rap like His love for man’s artificial/
We think life is all about God’s blessings/
Without knowing that life comes with hard lessons/
Some of y’all think I’m tripping—let me watch my step/
Remember how Job had kept a spotless rep/
But he went through and that’s how God planned this/
He’s like an artist that uses the world as His canvas/
And when we understand His purpose better/
Then we’ll truly know all things work together/
Whether pain and strife, sustaining stripes/
It’s gonna work to our good in the name of Christ/
So when things look bleak, the burden ain’t ours/
Christ holds all things by the word of His power/
On Him cast our cares and be sincere/
‘Cause God won’t give us more than we can bear/
Lord I trust how You rule with Your diadem/
Remember how You kept Daniel in the lion’s den/
Or when they tried to send the wise men into the frying ban/
So they can just become some dying men/
We in a battle with the devil—he’ll try to win/
But with Christ on our side he better try again/
Man understand God has infinite plans/
He’s got the whole world in His hands!

Do I really trust in the Lord’s sovereignty/
Then why do I let circumstances bother me/
If I’m dressed in my armor and shod properly/
I can rest assured since I’m God’s property!

Verse 2:
When hurting at certain times we’re blinded/
Instead of working to find His purpose design behind it/
Will it come to pass or will this stuff last/
This is wisdom we can grasp if we just ask/
We’re so opinionated, in all that we voice/
Count it as joy and give thanks and always rejoice/
‘Cause the Lord is great who orchestrates/
Our steps to be like RunDMC to walk this way/
Showing the true faith of a Christian/
That takes the position, in all—God’s grace is sufficient/
So break in submission, His will we can’t resist/
God is in the heavens doing whatever He’s pleased with/
He determines the role of the dice/
He’s in control so we can take solace in Christ/
See the trees that grow, and the breeze that blow/
Handling His business like a CEO/
Yo, rulers and kingdoms’ a camouflage/
Romans 13 says God’s in charge of the man in charge/
Knowing the Lord molds and your glorification’s been foretold/
He’s refining your soul as pure gold/
So on that day when the trumpeting will blow/
We’ll be like Christ and that’s so comforting to know/
Sovereign He be fo sho, we’re on a need to know/
Basis and that’s all we need to know.