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Christ Centric - The Mind of Christ
(from the album The Mind of Christ)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1:
I know this might be a story you heard but listen/
In the beginning, I was the Word, pre-existent/
And all things were made by me/
Without me nothing was made, the foundation’s laid by me/
A son for eternity, a child at birth/
Plus I shared the glory of god before we founded the earth/
Downing my worth, I took on the form of a servant/
Became a man so I could crush the plans of the serpent/
Performed miraculous no magic tricks or slight of hand/
In me was the life and the life was the light of man/
I shine bright to give the blind sight and spark this/
Regardless you live godless and love darkness/
Your sins need to be cleansed, I came to do the purging/
Prophecy’s fulfilled, I was born through a virgin/
Appointed time to shine, mankind was sinful/
At 12 years old I was teaching in the Temple/
My cousin paved my way getting people to respond/
To fulfill all things, I got baptized by John/
Then God’s Spirit descended on me like a dove/
His voice from above said “this is the Son I love!”/
Submission to the Father was instilled in this/
Walk as the Messiah, then His Spirit led me to the wilderness/
Where Satan was waiting for me to deceive/
But I had him, my name isn’t Adam or Eve.

It’s not my will, but it’s Thy will!
It’s not my will but Thy will be done

Verse 2:
Some people thought I was psycho/
But still I got 12 disciples, even though one was trifle/
I knew this, Judas Iscariot, didn’t see/
That I came to free the slaves of sin like Harriet/
The Jews had news about the triumphant king/
But they confused the views about my suffering/
I ministered for 3 years, my fame spread for 3 years/
And to receive me as their king they were prepared/
Before I entered Jerusalem where they want me/
I had the disciples go and fetch me a donkey/
Then rode in, man this man could cause a riot/
Crowds screaming out loud, “Hosanna in the highest!”/
But I flipped the script plus tables, and dropped shouts/
“Get out, how dare you merchandise my Pop’s house!”
I had Pharisees and Sadducees mad at me/
‘Cause I was healing on the Sabbath, breaking traditional habits/
Their strategy was to look good, I saw through that facade/
Forgiving sins they asked “who can do that but God?”/
But in Isaiah a prophecy of God to be born/
Jesus Christ, I’m deity in bodily form.


Verse 3:
The last supper in the upper room with brethren/
Toast the host, I won’t drink again until you get to heaven/
Now it’s about the time to fulfill the/
Prophecy of Scripture being sold out for 30 pieces of silver/
The Holy One of God befriended the antithesis/
Judas, the devil now betrayed me with a kiss/
I was taken into the hands of sinful men/
Then I knew my time on earth was coming to an end/
I’m going to die for real, I ain’t bawling I’m still/
Trusting my Father even when they punched me all in my grill/
They were tagging me the agony was hurting/
But for certain, I went through it all to tear the veil curtain/
I’m God but I became a baby, had to learn to speak/
Now I’m a grown man getting me, having to turn the cheek/
Thinking I would change but I wasn’t, no budging/
I had to be bludgeoned so you won’t face the judging/
It was madness, who do people want free/
They shouted out loose Barabas and crucify me/
The King of Kings with no sounding of horns/
I got whipped, they mocked my kingship and crowned me with thorns/
Then I was nailed to a cross as the King of the Jews/
I cried for their mercy not like singing the blues/
“Father forgive them, they know not what they do/
Your love is true, that’s why this blood’s for you/
Pour out Your mercy as My blood drips/
‘Cause My flesh was ripped--I’m thirsty I need a sip!”/
They gave me vinegar for my quenching/
Now I’m ready to go back to My heavenly dimension/
If I be lifted up from the earth I’ll draw all men to Me/
And get it back to how it’s meant to be/
Now sinners can lean on Me like a crutch/
You ask if I love you? I opened My arms and said this much/
It’s finished, the Holy One has spoken/
See that My feet and palms were opened/
Now God’s arms are open/
The kingdom of God all men can inherit/
Father into Your hands I commend My spirit!