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Christ Centric - Didactic Music
(from the album City of God)
© copyright 2006

Verse 1: Q-D.O.G.
Let me introduce this topic why we produce this holy hip-hop-ness/
Doctrinal instruction for the conduction of godliness/
See we’re concerned with the same things that God He is/
If you look up in the Word you’ll see its obvious/
What the purpose of music it the Body is/
And what the duty of the Christian hip-hop artist is/
Christcentrics convinced it’s not anthropocentric/
Meaning a Holy Ghost party is not what God intended/
But unended thanks to Him be rendered/
Through psalms and hymns spiritual songs that be centered/
On truth and theology—How can we praise Christ/
Without the knowledge and light of His antology/
So, with no apology/
We preach the Whole Counsel call it a Biblical philosophy/
Which is all just a copy of the life/
Of Paul and Christ and Peter and all their likes/
The Scriptures was all the hype/
The watched their life and doctrine with all their might/
‘Cause souls they follow so no hollow empty chatter/
Empty platter no soul food to swallow/
Or shallow entertainment that thinks His name is hallowed/
But only sound words contained in/
This historical oracle framed in Holy Writ/
The Word solely spit this paradigm we find for ministry/
In the letters of Titus and Timothy/
See lies are the enemy we can’t be wise in our own eyes/
So these guys have no eyes for industry/
But, still eventually you heard it/
ChristCentric the click that sticks cats in the Word/
See, you might think its strange kid but God has ordained it/
The foolishness of preaching to make His name famous.

From Genesis to Revelation, this is the tactic/
Renewing minds through lines that are didactic/
Some don’t like how we drop this/
But what we present is holy hiphopness

Verse 2: Evangel
This ain’t the kind of rap that paints a positive picture/
We’re conscious of expositing Scripture’s contents/
We take the backseat and Christ drives/
This is music that’s devoted to the Word like Scribes/
It’s Christology in Laymen’s Terms expressed/
Just like the A-M-B-A-S-S/
Yes, we make songs so unbelievers won’t stay calm/
Once we drop the “h” bomb like napalm/
It’s Christian love against all hating/
Rhymes of exhortation, for Christ’s exaltation/
You’re not impressed to follow the Lamb/
You’re damned in the end, just a touch of eschatology/
Come on y’all stop it, if we wanted profit/
We wouldn’t cover all topics like false prophets/
Like greed and gospel should never mix/
Expose theology of derelicts, the clever tricks of heretics/
Our heritage is martyrs, and forefathers/
That brought God His glory in the midst of tribulation/
A planet of henchmen, for God’s plan of redemption/
Against sin in its origination/
Original sin left a bad scar/
So now all men’s past is checkered like flags at Nascar/
We all got equality, every man’s a sinner/
And we miss the mark which is harmateology/
It’s not hard theology that’s only food for scholarly/
But those who have the Spirit’s work in them, pneumatology/
Look through Scripture’s lens so we see it properly/
Soteriology to eccelesiology/
Isaiah’s blessed tradition, line upon line/
Precept upon precept, lyrical exhibition/
Exposition my raps to use it/
And make it Christcentric for didactic music.


Verse 3: Apologist
Through beats and rhymes we bring you the Holy Bible/
From the beginning until Christ arrival/
Teaching cats to watch their life and doctrine/
Obedience to God is not just an option/
We tell you the story how it all began/
Creation, temptation, and the fall of man/
The call of Abram to the land of Canaan/
The freedom from Egypt by the Great I AM/
How the Lord told Joshua to destroy the clans/
And if they obeyed the will enjoy the land/
But the nation He saved soon turned to idols/
Like the Roman church when the burn the Bibles/
What about King David whom the Lord anointed/
And His son Solomon whom the Lord God appointed/
To build His temple and preserve the line/
Emmanuel the pregnant virgin is the sign/
Behold the Lamb who is our propitiation/
Who gathers men and makes them a holy nation/
Instructing us about His plan of salvation/
And sending us to be His representation/
We grow in Him then go to men/
To show their sin through flows and hymns of Elohim/
We introduce it cats refuse it call it stupid/
Though we use this Holy music.